FIT CHALLENGE: Grant hasn't been in the gym in a year or two

Jan 3, 2012


I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.  I know I did! Well today is Jan. 2, and I have officially began the FIT Challenge.  It’s nice to finally see some snow, right?

Had to be at the gym 7 a.m. to meet my trainer Ken Cutcher at Anytime Fitness.  At first I thought it would be the start of hard work. After it was said and done, it was just warm-up exercises.

Haven’t been in the gym for a year or two, but the treadmill will get you going as I found out Monday.  At first, it was a brisk walk but as the incline went up and the speed increased, man oh man I could feel the burning.

Ken told me it will be tough when working out, but I have to just keep pushing myself, and that I am committed to. But I feel he has some work in store for me when we meet this Wednesday.

So far my thighs to my legs are sore but hey, what a warm bath can’t cure.

Long as I keep my mind focused on the FIT Challenge, I know I can and will be able to complete my goal of losing 60 or more pounds.

My greatest support systems in making sure I reach my goal and stay on track are my family, friends and co-workers.

- Derek Grant



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