FIT CHALLENGE: Ontko works out for first time at Bodi N Balance

Jan 3, 2012


Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!  I feel I’ve already won by being given the chance to compete and become a healthier person. 

Don’t worry guys; I’ll still be trying to win.  My family is very competitive.

My first workout was Monday with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance. Wow! Do I have a lot of work to do!  But it was fun.

Then I went grocery shopping for the food I need for my new diet.  There will be a lot of planning for my meals. No more just driving through some place when I haven’t planned in advance. Planning my meals in advance is something that will take a little getting used to.  But I can do it.

Good luck to the other contestants and to anyone starting the year off with the resolution to EAT HEALTHY!

- Carla (Manos) Ontko



Good Luck Carla!

Phil Packer

I'm behind you 100 percent!


Good Luck Aunt Carla!!  So proud of you!!  And you're right, we are super competitive....but you'll make us proud!!!


Thanks to all of you! Your positive comments really help.