FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr: 'This is not the end'

Dec 27, 2011


This week went OK. I only worked out three days this week including Christmas Eve. Christmas was good; I didn't overdo it on the food, but I'm not going to lie, I had some.

Other than that I'll be moving out of my parents house soon, which is exciting.

With this begin the last blog of My FIT Challenge, I want to thank everyone one once again for everything they have done for me this past year. This is not the end for me, though. I will continue with my workouts and prove that with determination and loving support, I can do anything.

— Jacob Mohr



Way to Go Jake!!!  Awesome job...keep it up!! =)


 Congratulations!  Concerning holidays and food. ... Just do your best.  Remember your hard work and make the holiday about the people and good times and not the food.  If you have a day where you get off course just get back on track the next day and don't look back.  It is just one day!  Good luck to you!