FIT CHALLENGE: Mohr goes to school to become personal trainer

Dec 20, 2011


This past week went well. With the holidays in full swing, working out has gotten a little tough, but I am still doing it.

Making the trip to Port Clinton after working long shifts is worth it because as of right now I'm down 90 pounds with our final weigh-in a little less than two weeks away.

I won't make 100, but I still think 90-plus is good.

Other than that nothing new to report; school is going OK. School is fun when you're studying something you like. I am also excited to see where this weight loss takes me, if anywhere.

— Jacob Mohr


Karen Mork's picture
Karen Mork

90-plus is incredible. Congratulations!

Taxed Enough Already

 Congrats Jake...I say you have done FANTASTIC!!!