FIT CHALLENGE: Has Johnson quit the challenge?

Dec 20, 2011


Editor's note: For the past few weeks, readers have been asking about Natalie Johnson. Has she quit? Is she feeling better? Where is her blog?

Unfortunately, Johnson has not returned phone calls, text messages or emails. As of right now, it seems like she has decided to leave the FIT Challenge. The last day of the challenge is Dec. 30. All contestants will meet at the Register to reveal their final results. As of now, Johnson has not indicated if she will attend. 

No matter what, we wish Johnson the best. Losing weight is not easy, especially in the public eye.


— Natalie Johnson



Amen to that Register..but for Natalie...Joseph Cambell was one of my favorite people and he said it well, that inside of us is the power that determines our abilities.  The hero will always find that just as he is about to cross the threshold, that is when he comes to meet the monster and must decide to either fight or allow himself to beaten and fall into the abyss.  Keep fighting, girl! ;)