Black & Blue & Brown All Over

Jason Singer
Mar 23, 2010


Could it get any worse? Historically, not really.

The Cleveland Browns have scored only five offensive touchdowns in the last 15 games, a mind-boggling level of offensive putridity rarely seen in the long annals of the National Football League. In fact, the NFL has only seen such offensive offense once in its history, and not for 75 years.


So who was the last team as bad as the Browns? The answer, of course, is the little known 1933-34 Cincinnati Reds. (No relation to the baseball team).

Like the Browns, the Reds only scored five touchdowns in a 15-game span. And what did the NFL do? It kicked the Reds out of the league. The Reds hand't paid their league dues, and weren't competitive enough, so the NFL brought in an amateur replacement team, the St. Louis Gunners, to finish out the Reds' season.

Will the NFL kick the Browns out of the league? Probably not. But could a replacement team from the St. Jerome School for the Blind play better offense than the Browns and be more competitive? Probably. Just a thought.