Gipe celebrates birthday, 80-pound weight loss

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


I had a pretty good week on the diet and with exercise. I did have one day - Wednesday - when we had to cut the workout off because I was too weak/tired to continue. I got some extra cardio work with a long walk at East Harbor State Park and a 10-mile bike ride on Sunday morning (my birthday). 

My daughter and grandson came up from Columbus and we had a nice dinner of ravioli and garlic rolls and, of course, we had birthday cake to celebrate and the day, which was topped off when the Colts came back and beat the Patriots! 

My personal trainer Trevor Tieche of Bodi N Balance took some measurements, and we have made some more progress. Not as much weight as I had hoped, but the measurements were pretty good, so I was happy. 

It is going to be tough to make the 100-pound goal, but I think I can come pretty close. 

On my long walks, I am averaging about 18 minutes a mile with heart rates between 105 and 125. I usually try to speed up on the last half of the walk to get the heart rate up a little higher. I have tried a little jogging, but my hips feel the pounding, so I guess I will have to hold off on more jogging until I get a little lighter! 

I am thinking about doing some swimming this winter and possibly trying a short triathlon in the spring. I know I can handle the swim and the bike portion right now, but I am a little unsure of taking on a 5k or 10k run yet.