What do I do? I eat

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


I used to  think that my issue with weight was the reason I always seemed so unhappy. I don't think that my weight is the problem; I feel like I'm missing something from my life. 

So to fill that void, I turn to food. My only comfort, the only thing on this earth that does not or will not judge me. Food is my comfort, always has been and I'm sure always will be. 

My daughter was sick and I was stressed. What do I do? I eat. My boyfriend said something I didn't like and my feeling were hurt. What do I do? I eat.

How do I turn exercise into my comfort instead of food? I said before I feel much better when I am exercising regularly. I seem happier; I even appear happier. 

Lately, I have so short with the people that mean the most to me in my life. I really really need to stop putting myself on the back burner to concentrate on me. 

I know I will feel better and my family will be happier. I just need to find the place within me to make exercise my comfort.