Matt Kline's Relationship To The Truth

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Did Matt Kline and Scott Schell lie to the Sandusky city commission on January 26, 2009?

You be the judge.

January 26, 2009 Sandusky city commission meeting:

But on the very next day an email from John Eymann shows that Eymann hadn't yet delivered the check to the city:

5 months later, the check still hasn't been deposited.  City residents are asking questions - and the city thwarts their inquiries into the whereabouts of the check.

On May 1st, 2009 Ed Widman asks Scott Schell about whether Eymann knows that the city is going to "attempt" to deposit the check:

And when Eymann finally answers, he tells Schell not to deposit:

Is there an official inquiry into Matt Kline's relationship to the truth in this matter?

Or does the Sandusky city commission think it's okay for the city manager to play fast and loose with the truth - even collude with Eymann on how to extract cooperation by threatening the commission...

More to come.



He accused Nuesse of not being truthful and here he is doing the exact same thing he is accusing Nuesse of doing. If I were judge Tone I would throw out anything Kline said in the judge C hearing as his testimony cannot be trusted to be the truth. It makes you wonder just what else Kline and Schell have been untruthful about. Actually you can see for yourself by examing the e-mails from the disc. It will open your eyes to the underhanded dealings going on at city hall and extending to Erie County and some of the foundations in this area.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

What advice do you and the other readers have on ways to voice our concerns about Mr. Kline.  Emails to the commission just seem to be dismissed or ignored, I have learned that first hand.  Going to commission meetings just gets you yelled at.  I was thinking about an "online petition" but I am afraid that people would be afraid to put their names out there like that.  Any ideas?


Re: Karl Hungus-Mr.

I certainly am leading the pack in frustration, but we must look at several factors. 

First, my research supports that some of the Commissioners were "blind-sided" by all of this and had no knowledge what was really going on.  With that said, I believe they should be gathering information, and documenting what is needed to present a clear picture of events.  What is clear, is that whatever steps are taken must be factual, documented and lawful.  That takes time, dilligence and patience.  There is a process in place and we must be patient and allow that process to work.  To be fair, we have had no response from Mr. Kline regarding any of this and there are always two sides to every story.  We must allow Mr. Kline an opportunity to explain his actions as part of the process.  Whether we accept Mr. Kline's responses or not is not the issue, just that we are fair and lawful in the process.

Second, I believe the Commissioners are sensitive to the voices of the citizens but given the fact that email communication exposed all of this, I can certainly understand if and why they do not respond.  It could be also that they are in shock, which is also understandable.

We are at the point of demanding answers and rightfully so.  However, we are also at the point where we need to begin healing and restructuring.  As we approach the seating of the new commissioners and a new leadership emerges, I believe it prudent to be patient, allowing them the opportunity to move us forward as a community and begin to resolve this and many other issues, one-by-one.

Diedre Cole

Proud to be 4th!

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Miss Cole,

My emails to the commissioners were not recent.  I gave up on most of the current batch about a year ago.  All but two emailed be back.  Out of the five that did email back, only two seemed to want to listen to the voice of a citizen.  I think we all know who those two are.  Another seemed to be more focused on what people were saying about her wardrobe and went into great detail on this in her response, totaly missing any issues I had.  Another commissioner simply said "I am incharge so do not worry, I have a handle on this." 

If you are waiting for a response from Mr. Kline you will be waiting a very, very long time.  He likes to ignore what is not beneficial to him in hopes that it will all go away.

I am glad to see that you are proud to be 4th.  I had hopes that you would be second or third.




Re: Karl Hangus-Mr.

Unfortunately for Mr. Kline I just don't think he can avoid discussion as this point.  Again, there is a process in place.  We will just need to wait and see what continues to unfold on an apparently "daily" basis.  There is much, much more to this saga and it proves to be interesting thats for certain.  I would expect Mr. Kline's response to be similar to that of Mr. Eymann's when I asked him why he did not reveal his lawsuit for fraud and embezzlement to us if it is a "frivilous' as he claims?  His response: "Well, I don't have a good answer for that!"

Somehow I don't think "yelling" or being disrespectful towards citizens is an option at this point so you might very well receive some answers at the Commission meeting this evening at 5:00 pm at the City Building.  I for one am looking forward to it with great anticipation.

As for being 4th, all is as God intended and again, patience is a virtue!  Have a great day and thank you so much for your support!



You want the truth? You can't take the truth...............

Jack Nicholson to Tom Cruse in a Few Good Men..............


You can't HANDLE the truth. Sorry my good friend, I had to respond. That was a great movie. Gotta love Jack!

Duped Again

I am not a project supporter and I have never been the  fan of  any city manager,  but I don't want to see anyone wrongfully accused because of a misunderstanding.

Reread the report of the 01/29/2009 meeting.  Could it have been that Kline was refering to an eskrow account for the PRE-SALE  deposits and not the $100,000 deposit required by the development agreement?

If that happens to be the case,  the subsequent communications would be about (what should have been) a seperate account.

Bryan Dubois

Of course you can believe whatever you want. 

I think that the pattern of behavior and communications suggests that Kline worked with Schell to cover up the fact that the city was not given a certified check.

You're suggesting a different scenario.   Is your scenario possible? 


Is it likely?


But again, you can believe whatever you want.  You can only be duped again if you're willing to be...

Duped Again

I can only be duped again if I'm willing to be?  Perhaps.   But i sure don't want to be duped into thinking that the man is a liar, if he's not.

Nowhere in the account of the 01/29/2009 meeting, is there any mention of a $100,000 certified check.  Kline was talking about pre-sale.  (Pre-sales would normally require deposits that are placed in eskrow.)  Why would Stahl interrupt with a question about an unrelated  requirement of the development agreement?  The account then references Schell's comment, not about any $100,000 certified check, but about Kline's original topic--sales.

You may still be right, but it is a big jump to conclude that Kline was lying about the check when he was talking about the pre-sale requirement.  There's plenty wrong with project specifically, and the city in general---no reason to make things out to be worse than they already are. 

Bryan Dubois

Would you agree that the first step in the development agreement was to recieve a $100,000 certified check from John Eymann and that because Stahl was referring to "first steps" from the developer that Stahl may very well have been referring to the deposit that was never received?

Look at it again:

 We could ask Stahl for which requirement he was asking about - but if we go strictly on the text of these minutes - Stahl references "that that was the first step" which I interpret as the initial deposit because the wording of the contract requires that the check be delivered "prior to or simultaneously with the execution of this Agreement":

Would you disagree? 

I understand your point that it could've been a misunderstanding.  I'm not saying you should be the farm on the idea that Matt Kline lied.  (I prefaced the article with "you be the judge.").  I'm certainly not suggesting that Kline should be fired over it - because heaven knows the chaos that happens when foolish managers make decisions like that and accuse people of lying.

To borrow a quote from Sandusky police Lt. Chris Hofacker:  (about Kim Nuesse) "Of course it could all be a misunderstanding.  I won't call her a liar."

Bryan Dubois

By the way:  I think Kline's behavior show that he purposefully hid the whereabouts of that check because he knew the developer was not living up to his end of the agreement. 

And that's wrong any way you slice it.


Thanks.......Came back to me after I posted my comment.

Can we really handle the whole truth? If all was known to the citizens we'd probably be forming a lynch mob.

Bryan Dubois

Yah.  But I think we all recognize that none of us is perfect.

Duped Again

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Review the minutes chronologically.

1)  Stahl asks:  "...when do we  first start  seeing DIFFERENT steps...."   The legitimate assumption is steps different  from the first, which according to you, is  the good faith deposit from  the developer..

2)  Kline then references the presale, which is a different step from the first.  A presale requires a deposit from the buyer and the money would normally be deposited in an eskrow account.  So Kline's response to Stahl that the money was in an  eskrow account held by Citizen's Bank would be appropriate.

3)  It isn't until AFTER Kline responds to Stahl's questions about DIFFERENT steps and escrow accounts that Stahl even mentions the FIRST step, which you contend is the good faith deposit.

The more you think about it,  as confusing as the exchange appears, Kline can not be held accountable for answers to questions that weren't even asked until after  he answered them.



Bryan Dubois

I've reviewed the minutes.  We disagree - and that's fine.  Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, DA!  I enjoy and appreciate the debate.

Duped Again

Thank you,too.   I have enjoyed your blog for a long time, but never commented.  I appreciate what you have done and hope that you will continue.  I also appreciate that the SR makes your blog available.   

Bryan Dubois

Thank you for the kind words!   You may find this hard to believe but that just made my day!   Reading agreeable comments is nice and all - but when it turns into an echo chamber....not good...


Re: Duped Again & Firelands 411

Duped:  The reason this is confusing to you is that there is information outstanding that you do not have.  Should the entire sequence of emails be posted, the conversation, deviation from facts and subsequent "hiding" of the check will become clear.

What is clear is the Development Agreement stated that the Good Faith Deposit must be in the form of CASH, CEFTIFIED, OR CASHIER'S CHECK.  It was neither AND it was not received at the time the agreement was executed.  The City believed that the money was in escrow when it in fact was not.  Should something have happened to Mr. Eymann during the months before the City actually deposited the check, we would have been stuck holding the bag.  And...what about the reservation deposits?  Mr Eymann was collecting deposits to build something he did not have a legal agreement to build.  Again, who would those people have sued if something had happened to Mr. Eymann?

411:  Maybe posting the email from 1/27 would help?  Just a thought!


Bryan Dubois

The email from 1/27 is posted in the article above.


Sry 411, I meant the one from 1/30-31/09 from Eymann thanking the bank for setting up the escrow account...



Firelands & cole you dont know what you are talking about.  Maybe Mr. Kline made a mistake or misunderstood like duped again said.  What does it matter anyway we have the money so whats the problem.  Dont matter when it was cashed or none of that cause you just dont like Mr. Kline.

Why should we care of any of this matter to the rest of us, it dont affect us no way.  Firelands answer that why dont ya.

Bryan Dubois

[Eye roll]

Karl Hungus-Mr....

Wow....just wow....really?...  It gets more and more clear everyday why this city is in the situation it is in.



Bryan Dubois

You must be referring to the level of ignorance not to mention the1st degree murder of the English language by Mr. Proud44870?   I know what you mean...


I can certainly understand your frustration which results in your opinion that "it doesn't matter" or "why should we care".   Sometimes it is possible to feel as though your voice doesn't matter and that your officials aren't listening anyway.  If I may share with you my thoughts:

It matters because the Commission authorized one thing and Mr. Kline did another; it matters because when asked, Mr. Kline responded with a documentable deviation from the facts; it matters because the Commissions should be able to trust that Mr. Kline and the entire staff provide accurate and factual information; it matters because serious damage was done to the public trust; it matters because the City lost the interest money that would have accured from the time the check should have been deposited until the time it actually was deposited; it matters because our Treasurer kept quite and did not tell the Commissioners; most of all, it matters because citizens are saying It Matters!

As for "not liking" Mr. Kline that is not quite accurate and I cannot speak for Firelands411.  From my perspective, we are all judged by our actions which reflects the content of our character.  Mr. Kline's actions have revealed the content of his character and it rests solely with the Commission to decide if his actions were appropriate or not.  In this instance, our collective voices send a reverberating sound through City Hall that enough is enough, thus the continued dialogue regarding this issue. 

Finally, regarding any apathy you may feel towards local government, I would just say that just because something does not personally affect you now, does not mean it isn't the catalyst to affect you in the future.