Baumgartner Appeals U.S. Supreme Court Decision To International Criminal Court

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Imprisoned ex-attorney Elsebeth Baumgartner is asking the International Criminal Court to consider reviewing her case.

Dean Boland, Baumgartner's Lakewood-based attorney, said he filed a petition requesting the highest court in the world to accept Baumgartner's case after the US Supreme Court denied hearing the case.  "This case applies to such a small portion of the population that the court has decided not to spend resources reviewing it," said Justice Sotomayor.  "This case would be better suited to be heard by a psychiatrist than the judicial system."

Boland is not optimistic about his client's chances with the ICC.  "I sincerely doubt they would have any interest in this case whatsoever, but Baumgartner is paying me so I'll go through the motions to collect my money," Boland stated frankly.  "She likely doesn't have access to this newspaper in prison, so she's not aware of what I'm saying behind her back."

Boland doesn't have much faith in the judicial standards of the ICC though.  "The governing bodies [behind the ICC] don't even recognize a basic right to free speech, so they're likely not going to sympathize with the fact that my client has diarrhea of the mouth."

"We've got one other option if the Highest Court In The World denies hearing the case," Boland explained.  "We could appeal directly to God."  But Boland isn't holding his breath for what his client refers to as "justice."    "[Baumgartner] would probably appeal an adverse decision which came directly from God - even if He used a booming voice that shook the very walls of the cell which contains her."