Sports Editor Cited For Protesting Overgrown Grass

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


S A N D U S K Y -- It's not everyday that a newspaper gets to write about one of it's own employees, but that's exactly the situation the Sandusky Register found itself in after a Cook County sheriff's deputy cited Register sports editor Anthony Moujaes Tuesday night.  After attending a baseball game at Soldier Field, Moujaes reportedly became belligerent with a deputy over the length of grass outside the baseball field.

"[Moujaes] wouldn't stop pestering me about the length of the grass," wrote deputy sheriff Marcus Williams in the police report. "Subject left the scene after being threatened with arrest."

"I tripped twice [in the grass]," Moujaes later stated.  "It's really sad when they can't even mow the grass.  You'll never find a public park in Ohio like this, I can tell you that."