Election Results 2009

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Any real surprises here?

Yes.  I admit that I was surprised that Pervis Brown beat Deidre Cole.  Other than that, it matched my expectations:

Stahl and Warner finished last, and with the exit of those two on January 1st, more than a few changes will occur on the commission - but more importantly in the city of Sandusky.  Liken it to the improved professionalism in Perkins township with the hiring of the new police chief.  You'll see a cultural shift towards openness, transparency and a return to the idea of service as opposed to entitlement.  (As in "I'm entitled to conduct my dealings in the back room without public input.)

I'm looking forward to more public involvement - forward thinking on the direction of this city.  Assignment of the true causes of the city's problem instead of blaming the people who explain how and why you're conducting public business improperly.  The city likes to shoot the messenger.  In this case, the assault against two good people translated to city commission victories:  Kim Nuesse and John Hamilton are two examples of good people who were abused by an exclusive system more concerned with preserving the status quo than serving the public.  And now the chickens have come home to roost.

Yes, Matt.  But remember:  you can always resign before you get forced out.  Because I don't think these email shenanigans are over by a long shot.

Isn't it ironic that Kline's narrative all along has been that Nuesse was "dishonest" and "deceitful" and now we've got several examples of Kline doing the very thing he falsely accused Nuesse of doing?

Kline spends over a $1 million over a parking ticket he unjustly accused Nuesse of covering up - and while he sits in the civil service hearing (on city time) to ensure that she stays fired, his truck is parked in a handicapped spot out front:

Kline quietly donates the money he would've had to pay if the interim police chief hadn't chosen to explain-away the violation, and all is forgotten.  At the same time Kline is accusing Nuesse of improperly accounting of grant money, Kline is busy hiding a $100,000 non-certified check from the public which violated the marina district development contract.

As all this new information comes to light, one can imagine why Kline looks so nervous on the stand.  He's probably thinking to himself, "Oh man, if these people only knew..."

And now we do.


Dwelle got clobbered - and that surprised me.  Most people I talk to thought he'd be on for life.  Maybe people blamed Dwelle for what Printy referred to as "turmoil" in the township?   Perhaps people liked Coleman's surgical approach as opposed to Dwelle's bull-in-a-china-shop approach on tumor removal?    Not sure.  Leave your thoughts in the comments.

And how about that Sandusky Register's live election night coverage?  Is that forward progress or what?

The new video format opens a whole new world to sanduskyregister.com.  Can't wait to see how it develops in the coming months!  The depth of coverage will play a huge role in the cultural shift in Erie County.  I would love to see the same video format for city commission meetings - but with moderation in the chat room.  Overall, the coverage was a great success, don't you think?



Life is filled with the twists and turns of everyday living, but election night should not be too much of a surprise for anyone. 

Talk to anyone on the street lately and begin a discussion on the City Commissioners or the condition in which Sandusky finds itself financially and you will get a HUGE eye-opener.  Only a "lifer- politician" could stand there, listen, and NOT get the picture.  Election night, with results in, sent a pretty clear cut message to the remaining commissioners and I hope they are listening with intelligent ears. 

The people of this town have had enough.   I also know there are two commissioners who my husband spoke to in our living room and he gave them suggestons on businesses to "court".  Nothing was done nor checked into by either one.  Do not ignore the people.  They put you in and they can take you out.  It isn't all about trees, grass and condos. 

The community has endured plant closings, mis-spent money, witch-hunts, feasibility studies on the possibility of having a feasibility studiy, instructions from  firms in Cleveland on what Sandusky should do and so on. Lies, secret meetings., huge legal fees paid to the lawyers for very little return.......The list seems endless. 

It is now time for the two new commissioners, and the returning commissioner  to be the leaders of the pack and move this town from the dark ages to the enlightened times ahead.   Up till now, we have been in the dark more than the light.  There is no excuse for the mishandling of this town as it has been.  

We need to get over the "Vacationland" idea and expensive condos on the water.  We need businesses......businesses that hire PEOPLE so they can feed their families.  

I would love to see this town as it was once, vibrant and comfortable.  There were jobs here once.....many businesses. We had a downtown and a beautiful place to live.  Somewhere, somehow, they got off the track.  Its time to get back on track and rebuild.  Court businesses to come to SANDUSKY, not Perkins (no offense to Perkins intended).  We should be using  our natural waterfront for one and all, not a select few.  We should be considering shipping from Sandusky again: a port.  Who gives a darn if some rich man from Detroit, Cleveland or Toledo buys a condo.  After it is built, the builders no longer have jobs.  It is much like putting gum on a rubber tire to fix a flat.  While it may last for awhile, I would not want to hear the snap that gum is going to make. 

I sincerely hope that the new commissioners can do the job.  And they already have allies:  Waddington and Kaman.   It should be enough. I know, as do most people, that it will take time, but it has to start somewhere and quickly before we become non-existent.  . 

As for Mr. Kline and crew.......My mother always said to "keep your words sweet, you may have to eat them.".    Unfortunately, your words have been bitter lies that will probably stick in your throat and make you as nauseous as they did us.  Remember, you did this to yourself. 

Your big mistake was thinking we are a lot of dumb-dumbs out here and you could get away with about anything.  I think you just found our differently. 

Look out, Mr. Kline, there is a new "sheriff" in town and she is now your boss. 

Bryan Dubois

TILIS,  my fav:  the last three paragraphs.  Thanks for that!   Do you think the overall city government will change?  And if so, how do we assist the new commission to hasten the culture change?


I loved the live chat. It was my first time. It got to be too fast for me to keep up later into the night, but it was a blast. Thank you Sandusky Register!


Good post TILIS.



Bryan Dubois

Mine, this blog is based on my opinion - and all opinions are "biased" in nature.  That's what makes them opinions.   Is that all you have to say about election night?  If so, that's remarkably telling.  You've been called out several times on this blog and have yet to respond to the challenges.


Is that all I have to say about election night?  No,  just don't have enough time or space for that.  As for being called out several times,  nothing unusual...your bloggers have to call out and attack anyone who does not side with Nuesse,  just in case you did not notice that.  Kinda like you just did.

Bryan Dubois

Is that all I have to say about election night?  No,  just don't have enough time or space for that. 

There is unlimited web space here, and you spend alot of time on the internet arguing with people who aren't equipped to argue back.  You won't do it here though.

As for being called out several times,  nothing unusual...

You're right.  It's not unusual to get called out when you make arguable statements.

your bloggers...

"Your bloggers?"  Whose bloggers?  I am a single person writing a blog, and you are a commenter - not a blogger.

have to call out and attack anyone who does not side with Nuesse, 

Newsflash:  The arguing ended last night at about 8:45 when the BOE announced that Kim Nuesse received 25% of the vote in a 7 person race - which is pretty remarkable.  The general public didn't believe what the haters said about Nuesse.  Sandusky delivered a mandate at the polls yesterday and no hateful, uninformed comments on the internet are going to change that.  The battle is over, Mine.

just in case you did not notice that.  Kinda like you just did.

And so...let's take a trip through some of your comments in other places on this site and talk about them.  They are entirely anti-Nuesse and pro-establishment...I'll get back to you in a bit...


Its an open book,  the people don't want them  Stahl and Warner and it would be honorable for them to immediately step down and allow the newly voted commissioners to step in and and start doing the work that the two loosers were suppose to be doing for the last four years.

I don't expect Kline to step down, he's proven to all that he's arrogant, self serving and thinks he can do things that got Nuessee fired such as parking in a handicap space and not be accountable; and whats with this $100,000 check, isn't there something illegal about this?

I hope Waddington and Brown have the backbone to motion for a vote for an investigation of Kline and Iscman along with their entire staff. I hope Waddington and Brown just don't sit there and let Nuessee not have her REAL day of justice, since she didn't get it with that half dead so called trial judge that WE overpaid.

Karl Hungus-Mr....

The coverage was a success once they turned off the live chat.  The live chat was an embarasment to the region.