The Problem With The Marina District

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


FYI heading into tomorrow:

Does this actually represent the entire city or just the portion of folks who are dissatisfied with the current leadership? 

We'll see tomorrow.

In the meantime, let's review the Marina District failure and see what we can learn from the nincompoops who tried to force a project through without acknowledging the problems with their plan.

Craig Stahl recently blamed the economy as the reason the MD project supposedly failed, but what else is to blame?

As "developer"** John Eymann stated in one of his emails to Matt Kline and Scott Schell, a development of this kind is pretty complicated, and it takes hard work from the more intelligent people in the community to get the "average Joes" to understand how the process works:

Eymann just oozes respect, doesn't he?

If you didn't know, Eymann is kind of a...oh shall we say.... "douche bag."  He pretended to understand the complexity of a project like the marina district when - through his actions - demonstrated that he knew nothing.  Was Eymann capable of traversing through the complexities of government, public opinion, right down to the securing of financing and actual construction?  (Legally, I mean)  Obviously he wasn't - or he would've gotten a little closer to success than he did. 

The pie view of a complex development project looks a little like this:

Could Eymann put the pie together - and fill in the upper right piece which is absolutely necessary to make the project work?

Because if you're missing one of these pieces - in reality, you might as well have none:  Every piece relies on another and it takes an artist to create success.

**Developer is in quotation marks because Eymann