What surprised me most at the "Understanding Health Care Reform" forum

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


I just finished facilitating the most passionately attended forum I have ever coordinated -- "Understanding Health Care Reform" Oct 28  at the Sandusky State Theatre.  It was well attended. 

I estimate about 150-160 middle age and older age individuals were there.  I was thrilled to see this much citizen involvement.

I was surprised by one thing in particular.  A staffer for Sen. George Voinovich pointed out to the audience that by 2017, there would be no more Medicare Trust Fund.  Now if I was on Medicare,  I would have found that to be a distressing piece of information.  But what was odd was that this information didn’t seem to bother anybody in the room.  

 Instead, I frequently heard from the vocal members of the audience for the government to leave the health care system alone.