The Story Behind The Check (And Discovery Disk)

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Sandusky resident Sharon Johnson had been asking for a copy of John Eymann's deposit check for months.  The city denied her - gave her the runaround - sent her on the proverbial 'wild goose chase' - so she asked Deidre Cole for some help on obtaining the check.

Cole says that after city finance director Ed Widman continued to deny Johnson the check, she went down to the municipal building to convince the city to give up the check.  Along with the check, Cole recieved a cache of information on a discovery disk that had been ordered by Thomas McCash:

The disk made her sick - so she began circulating it to other city residents.  Cole estimates that nearly 30 copies have been produced and distributed to other people.

Lesson:  "City chat" isn't going to undo the damage that lying and unprofessionalism causes the city of Sandusky.  Sanduskians don't want the appearance of a great town  - they actually want a great town.




Where can we get a copy of this disc?  I would be interested in taking a look at it.


I tried to deposit an older check once and it was returned.

So, they (GOB's) either had to put pressure on Citizens and Eymann's bank or Eymann knew about it in order to let the check go through. Either way, I feel the register needs to ask both banks why a five month old check was able to be deposited and if this is normally allowed. It isn't for me!!