Daughter keeps bad eating habits

Kristin Gleis
Mar 23, 2010


color:black">As I have said 100 times before, I am a single parent and with money being tight, I have found myself trying new and fun ways to incorporate exercise into the lives of the children.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I find the oldest child being extremely lazy and unwilling to exercise or even go outside and play. She sees me going to the gym. She sees me eating healthier foods. And still none of these things seem to affect her. When she tries on her clothes and they don't fit, even though they are a bigger size than we have previously bought, it still does not bother her. I find it difficult to give her seconds at dinner when she asks for them because I know that it leads to unhealthy eating habits in the future.

mso-layout-grid-align:none;text-autospace:none"> color:black">I can hope that she will eventually catch on and realize that I am only trying to help her with her food choices, not punish her. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve her eating habits, please let me know.

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YES!!! this is a very hard thing...i dont have much helpful advice only that i have the same problem with my oldest who doesnt want to motovate for anything in this world...unless it has a screen and a controller!!! && then my 6 yr old who doesnt seem to figure out why nothing that we just bought 3 months ago fits....and all she wants to do is eat junk 18 times a day!!! i dont even know where she puts it all to be honest...i need help also...sorry i couldnt offer any good advice ):


Just be the parent.  Unless this child is old enough to go out and buy her own food, you hold all the power.  Parents are too afraid to upset their kids.  Funny, my parents really didn't care too much how I felt about what was for dinner when I was growing up.  Tell her the new rules and then stick by them. 


Kristin, dont have much advice about ur daughter but wanted to tell you that my sister and i joined weight watchers and it works as long as you stick to the program, remember its not a diet but a way of life! Good luck to you!

Yellow Snow

Kristen, you have the power, the authority.  You are obviously setting an example by making the huge effort to control your weight.  Push the next button and get your children involved.

You  hold the strings as to what foods are brought into your house.  PERIOD.  Learn to flavor your foods with spices, it's not difficult.  Try them, all of them.  One of my favorite websites is www.fortheloveofcooking.com 

Add diced onions, celery, tomato, garlic, and beans to anything.  and you have soup. Aldi's, Big Lots, and Ollie's in Perkin's Plaza offer spices for a dime on a dollar.  Or grow your own.  Soup is a wonderful filling base for a meal.  Got an ingredient that's "fat"?  Don't use it.

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Our Fitness instructors may be able to shed some light this issue.  Lack of motivation is usually nutritional.  Shoot me an email and set op a free fitness consultation for your child.  info@bodinbalance.com

We have tons of experience in this area.


i raised children and grandchildren.  focus on the important things.  my children were not allowed to eat junk food, no candy and only got treats occasionally. .  they inherited thier body types from my family and were not small.in my eyes they were the most beautiful children ever!.  children grow so fast.  sometimes thier clothes dont fit after 3 weeks or three months or even three days.  everyone is different!  i made sure that my children heard me when i told them how much i loved them and how wonderful and smart  and beautiful i thought that they were.  i would never focus on outward appearance!  if you offer healthy food and encourage some form of exercise be assurred that you have done your job. God didnt make us all  to look like barbie dolls.  we are what we are.  focus on the things that make us individuals.focus on being happy and secure.sometimes just knowing that you are loved is all the inspiration you need.  love your children for who they are not for how you want them or yourself to look.  you are a beautiful woman and you have beautiful children.  be proud!