It All Depends On Your Definition Of "Escrow"

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Oh boy, this is getting sadder and sadder...

Regarding this $100,000 deposit  on the Marina District project that was supposed to be a certified or cashier's check from developer John Eymann:  Review it again and notice the posting date at the bottom:  (May 11, 2009)

According to an email between Eymann and Kline on January 15, 2009, Eymann "forgot" to deliver the check to Kline because hey, things got a little busy at the office.  (Heh, heh, you know how it is!  I forget to make delivery of $100,000 checks ALL THE TIME!)  At the end of the email, Eymann asks Kline if they would like to do a press release:

If you read the Sandusky city commission minutes from 11 days later (January 26, 2009) you'll see Craig Stahl inquire about whether or not the city received the $100,000 deposit from Eymann - because Stahl believed that receiving the deposit is important news and the pro-MD people need to publicize it so that the public sees that the MD project is moving forward:

Notice that Stahl had to interrupt Kline because Kline changed the subject onto Eymann's "pre-sales"  which is Eymann's second requirement in the development agreement.  Schell doesn't miss a beat - and diverts attention away from the check as soon as Kline says it's in escrow in Citizens.  (Looks like Stahl is innocent here - misled by Schell and Kline.)

Now ask youself why Kline never made a press release about that $100,000 deposit - and why Kline had to have the Ex-officio mayor suggest publicizing the fact that Eymann had made the deposit for PR reasons....

Any moron who understands the development agreement would know that publicizing anything about that check is going to lead to questions about it -- as in, "hey, can we see the check?"

And what happens when Kline hands over a copy of the check?

This is what happens:

1.  You see that the check is not certified.

2.  You realize that the check could not have been in escrow in Citizens bank on January 26, 2009 as Kline stated during the city commission meeting, because the check wasn't posted to the account until May 11, 2009.

Raise your hand if you have a good relationship with the truth!

Oh and by the way:  Don't ask Matt Kline for John Eymann's  resume because you'll be written off as stupid for even asking:

Yeah, sorry for even asking, John.  I don't mean to question you - but sometimes these idiot commissioners ask for things like "qualifications" and "resumes."  They're so stupid, I know - but it's just something we have to deal with.  Do you have like a bio or something I can give to her to shut her up?




Why is a city commissioner apologizing to a developer for asking about his resume?  Is Farrar really representing us?  The resume should have been asked right from the very start.   Why is anyone apologizing when asking the developer for more information? Why does a citizen have to ask these questions when we have elected officials to protect us by asking important questions themselves?


Kline fired the Police Chief over a trumped up charge of dishonesty.  Kline has been caught with his hands in the dishonesty cookie jar on many occasions. Will he be asked to pack his bags before January. Maybe he already has them packed.


It will be interesting now to watch and see if Julie blindly follows Kline now after having her question called ridiculous.


"Escrow in Citizen's Bank" must be a special name Matt Kline uses for his "pocket".