Eymann to Kline, Kline to Eymann...Just a Tidbit

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


I've heard it said that the only way you can change Sandusky is by changing the culture.  What's wrong with the culture?  The secrecy.  The underhandedness.  The backroom dealing.

Getting my hands on a CD full of over 8,000 emails back and forth between public officials and the developer of the marina district has been downright entertaining.  You can pick up a lot of info when the writers start to forget they're writing on public email accounts.

Take the following email for example.  A reader can start to form a picture of the types of relationships that exist between the writers.  Also note the question from Eymann that sparks the response from Kline:

Note that Eymann sees no problem with creating an "emergency" to get his project moving - and Kline answers back with a plea for patience because his "Sandusky Now" group is reorganizing.  No big surprises here - but to see Eymann so candidly refer to the city's tactic of using emergency legislation to circumvent public recourse against their decisions should confirm that that's in fact why the commission so often uses emergency legislation in controversial matters.  If Eymann recognizes this, every citizen in Sandusky should too.

This is just a tidbit...

More coming...

(Oh, and be on the lookout for city employees' attempting to use private email accounts to avoid their correspondence from being made public like this, because that's a govhack's knee jerk reaction when he realizes that his emails can be read by the people he's supposed to serve.)



And they said Nuesse was dishonest??  I know where the budget can be cut by $110,000 or more.  We have an Economic Specialist who received a check and states that it was an oversight?  We have a treasurer who cashed a check without asking any questions about whether the check needed to be a certified check since it is coming from a developer, nor did he want to bring it to the attention that it was five months old before cashing it.  If you can't trust the top people of the city, who can you trust.?  They were all involved in a cover up because none of them have come forward to give a logical explanation to what happened to the check.  Can you ever trust these people again and isn't it the responsibility of the commissioners to take swift action against any cover up pertaining to this project?

The e-mails show that certain people wanted to keep things away from the public for as long as possible.  Weekly conference phones calls took place between staff and Eymann, but it was months before the commission or citizens even received a report from Eymann.  In the e-mails, they begged Eymann to make an appearance.

If staff has to create personal e-mail accounts to keep things away from the public, there is something very wrong with our government.  The commissioners can no longer keep looking over their shoulders wondering if the information they are getting is the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  This is a sad day for Sandusky but this day has been coming for a long time and corrective action needs to be taken immediately.     


In the letter that you show above, it shows Kline leading Eymann as to what to say to the commissioners in order to get this shame of emergency legislation passed. This whole process should be looked at by the AG of not only the state but by the federal AG. It shows the dirty tactics of our own commission to backstab the electors of this city and make their votes not mean anything. We need to change the city charter to state no emergency legislation can be passed to circumvent petitions, ongoing or ones that will be voted on by citizens.

The letter above also shows the dirty tactics by the then Sandusky Now group, made up of business people, and the audicity of them to call the opposition liars and that they are not telling the truth. More is to come out to show that the opposition was right from the start and only certain people from the Sandusky Now group were going to benifit from all their underhanded tricks.