RIP Marina District

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


Official support erodes.  It's a good thing because more and more questions will be asked about whether or not developer John Eymann even held up to his end of the agreement with the city.

Take this for example:

Does this look like a certified check to you?

If I was a pizza delivery man I'd be leery about that check clearing.



Karl Hungus-Mr....

You know, Mrs. Hungus and I were just talking the other day.  We said that we would move into one of the Chesapeake Condos if they were not so expensive.  Oh well.

AJ Oliver

I also posted this below the front page article.  Hope no one minds. 

" It was inevitable that the Marina District project would have strong public opposition. All over the country - from Philadelphia to Oklahoma to California - ordinary folks have risen up to oppose the privatization of public parks. I am proud to have been a small part of the opposition here in Sandusky. Once parks are privatized, they are gone for good, denying our kids and grandkids much-needed recreational opportunities and eroding our quality of life. It was always preposterous for the GOB's to argue that condo towers would enhance waterfront parks.

And the city should never again make deals with folks like John Eymann, who refused to provide personal background information or any evidence of financial wherewithall. One way or another, deals like that are almost always a recipe for disaster.

We have nothing at all against development in Sandusky or anywhere else, and support it wholeheartedly - just leave our parks alone, especially our waterfront parks. "


That coupon looks just like a personal check......................Maybe the five month delay was due to Eyesore embezzling enough dough from his company to cover it. Takes time to squander that much money illegally. Ask the gal from the bank in Huron. She's an expert.


Take a check  at Kroger or Cardinal with a number like 119 for 25 bucks...............................I wonder what makes Eyeball think the city would take a check like that for 100K? Especially since it specifically states "cashiers check" or "certified check"? Seems like the city did...............Just saying.

How much longer can we tolerate this?