Murray Says No On Issue #3, Metroparks Offers Bandaids For Gangreenway Infection, Current Election Poll, Biff Makes No Appearance In Coleman For The Future Campaign Vid (Darn)

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


City Commission debates are scheduled for October 27th at 7:00 pm on  We're hosting a live chat to run simultaneously with the register's live coverage.  Watch and chat about it right here on 411.

Here are the current results of the poll for city commission:

The names have changed, but the results are the same as the poll we took 6 months ago:

The challengers are still way ahead. 

Can you make any sense of this? 

He almost sounds altruistic.  Is that even possible?

Did you get your 6 page pamphlet on why you should vote yes on issue #3?

I had to examine the 6 pages to find out what the issue was even about.  Throughout the entire advertisement the words "casino" and "gambling" were mentioned only once.

What does that tell ya?

On the other hand, the favorable buzz words and phrases ("new jobs," "tax dollars for your school system") were mentioned numerous times and the president of the AFL-CIO urged me to vote yes on issue 3 no matter how I felt about gambling.

Look at this:

Joe Rugola says: "No matter how you feel about gambling it's time to do something." 

Okay, I'll vote no then.


Woulda been better if Printy made a cameo appearance as "Biff:"

Greenway saga part 45:

As an Erie County resident I sure do appreciate the fact that EMP is trying to settle a lawsuit for the least amount of money possible...but I'd be even more appreciative if they'd stay out of litigious situations like they did with the Greenway.  Some readers may not remember the chainsaws to the decks, the armed rangers standing watch as the workers cut them down, the tractor theft by former EMP director Jonathan Granville, (To Mick Coles: "We just wanted to get your attention") and the OSU alumni band marching up and down the trail with their drums pounding and brass a'blazin' to provoke and agitate the homeowners who were protesting the EMP's land grab.  Yes, the civic minded and respectful leaders of the Erie Metroparks thought that a marching band was an appropriate way to celebrate the "grand opening" of the Greenway.

Of course all of this happened back when the Sandusky Register was sleepy-headed and didn't want to ruffle feathers in the establishment...



I was always curious if any of the property owners every paid anything for the railroad right of way in question. I doubt that they did.


the cost of their "deck?"  By the way, it was not a "deck," it was a stairway.  Last time I looked, the stairway was not destroyed, it was still sitting in the weeds, ready to be put back up. 

The stairway was built before the railroad tracks were taken up and was so close to them that, if the Wheeling and Lake Erie had run a train (they bought the railroad line in 1990, they could have), a locomotive would have removed it and nowhere near as neatly.

All that had to be done was to move the stairway 90 degrees from its former position; EMP offered to do that at no charge to the Coles' (ask to see the EMP files).  They refused to even acknowledge the offer.  It wouldn't have made as good a show.

Bryan Dubois

Yes, it was just a "stairway" if you don't count the long expanses of horizontal deck surface suitable for lawnchairs and patio tables.

And what, no comment about the tractor theft and intimidation tactics by EMP?  I woulda thought you "starting members" would have a much better defense of EMP seeing as how you're likely closely related to the perps in the case.


The deed descriptions on their property shows their property extending into the middle of the river overlaying the tracks.  It was like that when they purchased the property.  The property owners were required to honor the existing right-of way when they bought the land.  The whole point of a right of way or an easement is to allow a third party use of your property.  You do realize that according to your deed, you own out to the middle of your street, right?  However, depending on the road you live on, there is a 25' easement for the utility companies to use your property to run their lines, and for the highway department to run their roads.