Sick wife makes diet hard to follow

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


This has been a difficult week. My wife has been in the hospital since Oct. 11 with pneumonia. 

I only worked out one time with my personal trainer Trevor Tieche and that was short because I was very weak and my heart rate went quite high.

I did no workouts on my own since there was just not enough time between work and going to and from Firelands Regional Medical Center.

I must comment about the outstanding care my wife has been given while there. The ER staff when she was admitted was absolutely outstanding. Registered nurse Karen and Dr. Wyse (I hope I got the names right) were just wonderful in getting to the root of the problem and getting her condition under control. 

Since she has been in, the nursing staff and respiratory staff has been wonderful — we could not have asked for more compassionate and excellent care.

I have worked out once this week and will try to go again in the morning. I still feel quite weak, physically, and I am trying to stay in control on the nutrition front, but it has been tough. 

Planning for meals has been nonexistent and I have just thrown things together at the last minute to eat. I'm not making excuses, just stating the facts. Hopefully, I will have a better report next week.