Get answers to your health care questions

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010



text-autospace:none">A local citizen asked if Serving Our Seniors would host a public forum about the health care reform being negotiated into public policy in Washington DC.  His request was that it be objective and unbiased.  Seeing as health care reform is going to affect Medicare, it seemed like a logical request for Serving Our Seniors to address.  So, we are coordinating the forum, which will be from 4-6 p.m.Wednesday, October 28, at the Sandusky State Theatre.  Doors open at 3:30 p.m. We are requesting that you call the office to reserve your seat. (419-624-1856 or 800-564-1856).  Some think the attendance will exceed 200.  If it does, we will need to move to another section of the Sandusky State Theatre.  RSVP’s must be received by noon on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

text-autospace:none">Let me say right now that Serving Our Seniors has no position on the Health Care Reform , except for one — Be informed before you have your opinion.  For this reason, the format of the UNDERSTANDING HEALTH CARE REFORM Forum is 100 percent questions and answers.  There will be no presentations designed to sway opinion one way or the other.    I am working diligently to see that the panel will include a full spectrum of points of view.  So far the panelists are: 

text-autospace:none">Danielle Nameth, Staff Aid, US Senator Sherrod Brown

text-autospace:none">Wes Sarbach, Staff Aid to US Senator George Voinovich

text-autospace:none">Either Dan Moncher, CFO or Chuch Stark, CEO – Firelands Regional Medical Center

text-autospace:none">PANELIST TBA- Organizing for America

text-autospace:none">Local physicians, Ed McLendon from McClendon & Associates (a local agent to offer the insurance industry perspective) Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur’s office, Republican Party representative have also been invited.  I am waiting on a reply.

text-autospace:none">Matt Westerhold, Managing Editor of the Sandusky Register and I will be the facilitators of the forum.  Our role is to make sure questions get asked and answered — in an easy to understand manner — so that both sides of the argument can be heard.  Being informed means understanding both sides of a issue, not just one side.  The purpose of this forum is to make it a little easier to be more enlightened about both sides of the Health Care Reform debate.

text-autospace:none">So help me to help you understand both sides of the issue.  Post your questions and Matt and I will work to include them in the public forum.  It would be helpful to as we prepare for the forum if you could cite where you got your information responsible for provoking you to ask your question or make your comment.

text-autospace:none">EXAMPLE #1:  When I was watching Glen Beck he said that 45 percent of physicians would quit if health care reform passed.  I’m against health care reform because it’s going to create a physician shortage and no one will get health care.

text-autospace:none">EXAMPLE #2:  I heard on NPR that at the current rate of spending the Medicare Trust Fund will be broke in the near future.  Do you know what year that is expected to be?

text-autospace:none">OK, now the rest is up to you to post what it is you would like asked at the UNDERSTANDING HEALTH CARE REFORM Public Forum.   And remember this…. Ignorance is not bliss.