Special Commission Meeting Scheduled; Review Of Local Reaction To Nuesse Reinstatement

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


A review of some of the local reactions to Nuesse's reinstatement:

And the best reaction of all:  The ship jumper himself, former commissioner Brian Crandall:

(Don't get the joke?  Watch this video to see the ship jumper attempt to create a sense of urgency with the 911 system in order to steer a city communications service contract to his buddy Al Vasu at Vasu Communications.)


The city commission has a special session scheduled for Tuesday:

It's an executive session - so that means anyone in attendance can lie about what's said during the meeting.   (That might come in handy, no?)

Stay tuned...



I'd say that would be a good time to gather outside of the city building to show commission we're tired of this ongoing saga.............How much longer are we going to put up with this? Kline lost in his own court with his merry band of players........Case closed.


The city is up for an income tax increase in November.  If you really want to see the tax levy go down big time, just have the commissioners vote yes to appeal.  Any commissioner who is running for re-election and votes for the appeal will have a tough time getting re-elected.  It was wrong for the Civil Service Commission to clear her name and not give her the back pay she deserves.