UPDATED: Attention Matt Kline: You Don't Have The Authority **Scroll For Updates**

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


You don't have the authority to order the city's attorneys to file a stay on the civil service commission's decision.  The city's next legal move is up to the city commission - not you.  Who do you think you are?  You don't represent Sandusky.  The city commission does.

That'll come out during the special session that's bound to happen either tomorrow or the next day.

Way to prolong this embarassment to the city....

More coming...

Yeah, I know alot of people who use their middle finger to prop up their head when they experience undue amounts of stress.  Actually most people use their index fingers with their thumbs under their chin - but we all know that Kline has a style of his own. 

Stay tuned...

That didn't take long:

Good luck getting ahold of the mayor.  His voice mail is full:

When the going gets tough, the tough are...accessible?

[Light bulb]  Aha!

Now it's clear why Fraulein Cannon filed a motion to force Jannice Warner to recuse herself.  Fraulein Cannon must've caught wind on how Mrs. Warner felt about the case, so Fraulein Cannon pulled a card from her dirty legal trick hat to ensure the desired outcome in her dirty little case.  Fraulein Cannon questioned Jannice Warner's ability to stay "impartial."

Nice try Herr Cannon.

Deidre Cole agrees that Matt Kline's gesture was disrespectful to the civil service commission:

Hey lady, take it easy on Kline.  You know how he gets under pressure.

Getting back to the issue of who has the authority to call the shots on behalf of the city:  Bob Warner gave me a short interview earlier this evening about who's decision it is to file a stay on the civil service's decision to reinstate Nuesse.  Apparently the insurance company is calling the shots:

One thing is certain:  the embarassment to the process of city government is worth much more than money.  Every twist, every turn - and the citizens will get more and more fed up with the legal shenanigans by Maragaret Cannon and her out-of-town legal team bilking the city and taxpayers. 

The civil service commission's job is to handle disputes between civil servants and city administration.  They just carried out their duties.  They did their jobs.  Now will the city attempt to override the civil service's decision?  If so, why does the city of Sandusky even have a civil service commission?

Don Lee today:

What Kline is probably thinking as he wipes the gunpowder off his face:

Or maybe he'll just keep throwing up his middle finger to everyone but his small group of supporters...

Stay tuned.

Let's review some of the more interesting reactions from some local officials:

To be continued...



Does look like Matt is giving that universal hand sign that shows his contempt for the city and it's citizens. This last ditch effort by Frau Cannon, Fat Porter, Snaggletooth, and Scum Kline doesn't fly with me, or many citizens I've talked to..............Time to end this fiasco.............Resign Matt Kline. Save a little face before the population calls for your neck......................It's surely the next step and in the best interests of the city.

City Girl

Matt Kline testified about Chief Nuesse's so called emotional instability.  After 20 months of grueling inquisition, the Chief remains professional.  I wonder if Kline, or anyone in the community for that matter, continues to question her emotional stability.  Kline spent 1 million dollars of our money to prove that Nuesse is one of the toughest women in Erie County.  Who's the instable one here?  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Gotta love that finger.


The look Kline has in the picture is the look he always has if you have ever watched him.  I saw his eyes closed throughout the Nuesse trial and during commission meetings.  It looks as if he is bored half the time and the other half of the time, just plain disgusted with having to answer to the public and don't forget the yawns and playing with his blackberry when he is supposed to be paying attention.  Our city derserves better.  November seems so far away and you wonder what the good old boys will cook up in the meantime.  This situation is getting to be so obvious that everyone is talking about how things have unfolded in the past few years unchecked.  Never have I seen Sandusky good old boys get away with so much and not be held accountable.  The people need to just say no to all this in November.   


I can't believe I'm actually starting a sentence with... In Matt Kline's defense... It is possible that his index finger is up as well, and the angle of the shot has it hiddenbehind his middle finger.  However, every time I try to rest my head that way, I either end up with a sore finger, I have to bend my index finger (bringing it into view from this angle), or I have my index finger jammed into my temple so hard that it hurts.

Is this possibly a ploy to get Kim to drop out of the commission race?

Oh, and Dee... fix your e-mail signature "... to *be* ruled by..."

Mrs. Smith

My bad, this ran twice.

Mrs. Smith

Tell me again why we wanted to get rid of Mike Will?  I'm not saying he was a prince, but by comparison?   

Also, why is it the "powers that be" can't hire a city manager that won't plunge the city further into debt.  Is it the candidate pool or is the the hiring process.  Someone needs to take a long, hard look at what went wrong, and then fix it.