Singles Club founder has great idea

Sue Daugherty
Mar 23, 2010


  I read in the Sandusky Register about a “Volunteer Singles Club” that was meeting at the YMCA in Sandusky.  I thought that was such a cool way to meet another while doing something meaningful and productive.  Who thought of that?  I’d like to meet him or her!  What a creative and socially conscious thing to do!  They deserve some kind of award just for being socially innovative.

text-autospace:none">Ever since I moved to Sandusky (12 years ago) and started working for Serving Our Seniors, I always wanted to start a dating service for people age 60 or better, but the more I looked into it, it became too complicated to do something formally structured.  But this idea – Volunteer Singles of Northcoast Ohio – is the answer.   I hope they don’t discriminate and allow a diverse group of participants to join, regardless of age.

text-autospace:none">If you missed the press release, let me give you the details.  The first meeting of Volunteer Singles of Northcoast Ohio will take place at 7 p.m. October 20 at the YMCA on Perkins Avenue in Sandusky.  Members must be 21 or older and must be single.  There is no minimum attendance requirement and no long-term commitment or fees of any kind.  For more information call Loretta at

text-autospace:none">So if you are single and wish you weren’t …. Do yourself a favor, leave your comfort zone and go to the meeting Oct. 20t.   Good luck!