Videos: Erie County Chamber of Commerce Candidate’s Night Wrapup

Bryan Dubois
Mar 23, 2010


A big thank you to the Erie County Chamber of Commerce for hosting the forum, and to Tim Kelly for moderating.

The entire program will be re-broadcast on Channel 81 on the Buckeye Cablesystem every Wednesday and Sunday at 8:00 pm from now until election day.   The format consisted of each candidate giving a 2 minute speech about his/her candidacy, followed by questions directed to the entire panel.  The following vids are the Sandusky city commission candidate's speeches. (Perkins township trustees will be uploaded later tonight.)     In the interest of (upload) time, we clipped the introductions to each candidate and the reading of their qualifications and accomplishments. A summary of that information is listed before each of their clips below.   Deidre Cole: Graduate of Kaplan University, seeking global business management degree from University of Phoenix, graduate of Sandusky and Erie County police academies, host and sponsor of annual Hancock street block party. Co-sponsor of annual good neighbor fall festival:  

Ed Feick: Longtime resident of Sandusky, retired from Sandusky business:

John Hamilton: Graduate of Sandusky St. Mary’s High School, University of Cincinnati, Owner of Hamilton Associates Inc., Active in Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout:

Kim Nuesse: Adjunct instructor of budgeting with Northwestern University, BA from Xavier University, Leadership training from Northwestern, 25 years of law enforcement experience, school board member with private Christian school and Montessori school:

Craig Stahl: CEO of Lakeshore Graphics, current Sandusky ex-officio mayor, liaison to a number of city committees, 1974 graduate of SHS, Degree from Hillsdale college, graduate of inaugural LEADS class of 1985:

Bob Warner: Appointed city commissioner, Union Representative Painter’s Union Local, US ARMY veteran:

Pervis Brown: Appointed city commissioner, local business owner, Chairman of 2005 City Charter Review Committee, Air Force Veteran:



Stahl is simply shameful.

To try and name off the successes of community organizations, and then play them off as reasonable credit for his re-election... absurd! 



How about dealing with all the post-industrial pollution from all the years of "deregulated" drill down companies, and commissioners who simply turn their backs to the pollution and environmental degredation that begets the hapahazard placement of industries to freshwater environments. How about all those children in Clyde who, in no other way, were exposed to industrial toxins and killed off as some industry's externality.

For Stahl to suggest that we ought to exploit all parts of our freshwater is as irresponsible as it gets. Wake up Stahl, we're not going to sacrifice our Bay and Lake so you can get industrial kickbacks.

Stahl's a "loose canon on a rolling deck" in the sinking free market fantasies.


Time for Warner to re-paint APEX. The paint job didn't last a year!