Is that my rib cage?

Ken Gipe
Mar 23, 2010


The results for this month are pretty good.

I lost another 10 pounds, but the really cool part is that I actually felt my rib cage before I got out of bed. I haven’t felt my ribs in a long time!  I also have another neat thing to report. If you will remember at the beginning of this process, I had hoped toactually have a “six-pack” of abs – well, I have the beginnings of a “two pack” as of today. 

My two upper abs are actually beginning to show through the fat layer. Pretty cool, huh? I am now down to 260 – a total loss of 70 pounds. 

We are doing measurements this week, so I hope that they will be even better. Will report more in next week’s blog.




I went to a food addiction support group once and heard the following statement:   "Nothing tastes as good as being thin(ner) feels."  You just got a dose of what that quote is talking about.  Keep up the good work!!  You won't regret the discipline you are developing.  Your life is getting better every day!!  Congratulations!!