Show up at courthouse Monday

Commenters urge readers to protest Mulligan's plea deal with convict
May 18, 2014


Headline: Attacker offered plea deal

Saturday, May 17, 2014
9:06 p.m.
acjmom says: Facts: Jeremiah Johnson just got out of prison after 5 yrs for hitting a guy in the head with a GUN...he is still on son was not just "in ICU" he was on life support in ICU...we have never talked to mark...and the only reason we talked to Joe was because I called there to have them try to explain their reasoning for this BS plea deal...stop by the court room (3rd floor of the big court house on Madison st) at 9am Monday the 19 to see if its any better explained then

10:18 p.m.
Babo says: There are two things you can do to help derail this plea deal. 1) Show up with a group of people and address the court and urge the Court to reject the plea deal. Judge Winters is up for re-election and he will be very sensitive to the press coverage on this case. The judge has the final say on whether the deal is accepted. You might also suggest that he remove Mulligan from the case because he is not sensitive to the rights of victims. 2) Contact his parole officer and ask that the parole authority add 2.5 years to his old sentence for this violation of parole and that any new sentence for the crimes against your son be run consecutive to the parole violation sentence. Under Ohio law, a parolee can be sent back to prison on their old case for up to half the time for violating parole. You can also bring this to the Court's attention when objecting to the plea.




Thank you both and good idea to post the contact information. I hope to attend because if in the same spot as a parent I'd want people there too. Further, as a citizen of the county I'm deeply troubled by this case and others.


Thank you all!!! Babo...if you do decide to come tomorrow and get a chance to say hello I would love to thank you in person!! I wont be hard to find. hahahaha

let the truth b...

Evetbody knows the victim is no angel better yet a victim. He's a wannabe tough guy.can't go around your whole life thinking your a tough guy. Eventually most ppl will be put in their place. Sad but true this time it happened to be him. Get all the facts if your gonna post any facts as well


The hearing today was wisely continued by Judge Winters until the 28th (I think). The docket reflects that a letter was filed with the court on May 16th by the victim's mother.

IMO, the continuation by Judge Winters is smart and a result of the correspondence to the court and maybe the public interest in the case. The continuation gives the victim, his family and the public an opportunity to be heard.

Thank you Judge Winters!