To be or not to be

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Jun 16, 2013


Headline: Port Clinton police use Facebook to bash public records request

June 16, 2013
1:48 a.m., The Rudy says "It is abundantly clear that the Register has an anti LE and gov't slant. To deny it is to fool only yourself. I too don't have a lot of faith or trust in the same entities but I don't blame them for blowing you off Matt even though it's illegal. In case you've not noticed the Register takes great pains to paint unfavorably LE and other things it seems to find as part of its apparent agenda. I say apparent because so many people in your circulation area feel that way. Denying it won't change that. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar."
7:09 a.m. Señor Clown says "It's abundantly clear that there are a lot of people who misconstrue the role of the free press as it pertains to the government. A free and independent press, by virtue of it's existence, needs to be vigilant in reporting the abuse or overreach of power by a government entity. Being critical of a government's actions in instances when it need be held accountable is not an anti-government or anti-law enforcement slant."
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Many of the commenters on here cannot take a joke. They take comments and life way too seriously. They see things that aren't there. They turn words into offensive objects. They blame the government, the paper, law enforcement, people on welfare and politicians for their problems. They think that paying taxes entitles them to be morally superior to everyone else. They do not deal in extenuating circumstances and everyone is guilty before they've even had a chance to prove innocence. These are our peers. Pity them.