Questions get fuzzy response

Moving City Hall to the corner downtown?
Jun 5, 2013


Click linkWill Sandusky City Hall move to county building?

June 4, 2013
1:09 p.m. 

gramlamb says
"The register's response reads like a scathing opinion piece...not actual reporting."

June 5, 2013
7:37 a.m.

matt westerhold says
"Thanks for the comment, Gramlamb. 'Mailbag" is technically a 'blog' and therefore might at times reflect an opinion. I don't think it does here, though. The question simply sought to determine who made the decision to ignore the county's proposal and how that decision was made. It doesn't appear the response from city commission and officials addresses it. That kind of non-responsiveness is, unfortunately, too prevalent when reporters ask specific questions. It's also difficult to report non-responsiveness. In this instance, 'Mailbag' successfully described it."




No one knows how decisions are being made at City Hall anymore. They sure are not being discussed at the commission meetings. There seems to be a gag order on what can and cannot be said.

sandtown born a...

All a big secret, they will discuss not as important issues in public and save the emptying of our wallets for the closed door sessions. Farrar and a few others gotta go lies lies lies and more lies Sansusky city politics for you


since I am new to this community and have never been to a city council meeting I am working from a disadvantaged point of view. I have, however, been reading a lot of stories in the local paper and comments on here from the local citizens. It appears to the "outsider" that there is a great deal of dissatisfaction with the way things are done here. If that is the case, why keep the current controlling political people on? Just get rid of them and start over with people more adapt to doing things the correct way. From what my brother tells me, this isn't unusal. I was thinking of staying here, but from what I see and read, I am not sure this is the right place to settle into. It seems to be a great deal of discontent and upset from the top down. Can nothing be done to stop all this???? Or have you tried already without success?