Here comes judge, God on gays, and taxes

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Mar 28, 2013


HeadlineEbenezer faithful waiting for the judge
Today 12:44am
says ""


HeadlineSherrod Brown out front for gay rights and peace
Today, 1:07 a.m. 
concernedtruth says "Sitting here and reading this article angers me that the public has been taught to believe that unless you believe like the masses do, you are wrong and I have seen the belief in God and His values diminished by people who have a lack of moral value and principles but tote being "good" people. These are the same people who will remove the Sanctity of Marriage as God has deemed it and changed the natural relationship between a man and woman for the un - natural relationship between 2 men or 2 women as okay. I do not hate homosexuals, on the contrary I do Love them as God loves them, however as that is true, so is the fact that the lifestyle they lead is not of God, nor is is the way God had meant for a marriage or natural relationship to be. Read your bible and it clearly states that homosexual relationships are not natural in God's eyes and I refuse to accept it as anything other than someone wanting to have sex in an un-natural and un-Godly way. Period and simple."


HeadlineWhat could happen if the Perkins Schools levy fails?
Yesterday, 11:52 p.m.
DLK says "I believe in the right to vote. I believe in listening to the majority of the voters who said NO. I believe that operating money should be used for operations, not building a new school. I believe in jobs and programs for students, not dream facilities. I believe in living within your means. I believe in accountability. You will understand as you mature, it's not all about you and having things handed to you. When you do own property, you will watch out for your neighbor or the senior citizens in your community on low or fixed incomes. You will learn as you start working and living in the real world, that your hard-earned tax dollars should be spent wisely and for their intended purpose. We *have been* investing in education, we are the taxpayers that support your school. We just don't support a new one. Let us know when you're willing to hand that check over, please!"


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Licorice Schtick

I don't understand the value of this feature. Despite the misintroduction, it's not really a compilation, per se, only a few selected comments - but selected how? Does selection mean endorsement? The first is just a link to a racial stereotype parody. The second is a rambling and disjointed anti-gay rant. The third isn't terrible, but it's not especially well-written, nor reflective of a unique or fresh viewpoint. So, SR, please share the selection criteria for the comments in this feature.

thinkagain's picture

I don’t understand the value of your comment. Despite your stated question concerning the selection process, it is simply a thinly veiled attack.

First, you throw the old worn out race card. Second, you display your true intention, with an often seen display of anti-Christian bigotry. Third, you failed to offer a unique or fresh viewpoint.


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