Willard evacuation alert lifted

Most of the people living in the 400 homes in evacuation area can return
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 27, 2013


(UPDATED 7 P.M. THURSDAY) — Willard officials and CSX representatives lifted an evacuation alert, allowing most of the people impacted by the spill to return home.

Some homes on North Main Street, Church Street and Pleasant Street are still affected.

The Community Outreach Center located at Willard High School will remain open throughout the weekend.

For more, including to hear what Gov. John Kasich said at the high school, pick up Friday's Register.

(ORIGINAL STORY, WEDNESDAY) Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to visit Willard on Thanksgiving Day, where he'll join city officials to discuss the train derailment and the evacuation of people from their homes.

He also plans to meet with families for a Thanksgiving luncheon at the high school, where many of the displaced residents are staying as they wait out the cleanup after a chemical spill late Tuesday.

The spill happened at about 11:45 p.m. Tuesday, when a CSX train derailed and one of its cars spilled a hazardous chemical. Authorities evacuated about 400 homes, and residents have yet to get the OK to return.

Kasich spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp said CSX is providing the luncheon for cleanup crews and any residents affected by the spill. The governor is scheduled to arrive in Willard at about 12:30 p.m.

For more on the train derailment, click here.


Stop It

Wow. That's really generous of you CSX. A freakin' lunch in place of Thanksgiving at home.


I think it is generous of them. It's not like they derailed it on purpose.

Stop It

That yard in Willard is known for safety issues. I went there many times as a fabricator to fix stuff that the operators/tower of the yard messed up.


Maybe that was the problem. They hired someone with an attitude like yours to "fix" things. That yard in NOT known for safety issues.

Stop It

That's your opinion. The things I fixed stayed fixed.

Humping cars that said "do not hump" on the side with shifting loads, leaving switches open so cars collide, rails left unchecked. What else and how many more times?

Pioneer Trail Pimp

Generous? Because nothing says "sorry we spilled train cars full of hazardous chemicals near your home and now you have to sleep in a gymnasium" like a free lunch, right? Personally, I'd rather "eat at the Y" than in a gym.


When you choose to buy a house that close to the tracks - it's a crap shoot.