Winter blast perfect storm for trouble

Many people seemed shocked snow flurries and arctic gusts blasted northern Ohio less than 24 hours after spring-like weather.
Andy Ouriel
Mar 13, 2014


Wednesday’s storm wasn’t worthy of being called “the blizzard of the century”

But it’s surely a weather event people will remember for a long time.

The storm hit fast and furious in the afternoon, with visibility dropping to near zero across northern Ohio.

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“Things happen very quickly,” said André Bernier, staff meteorologist for Fox 8 Cleveland. “It wasn’t the volume of the snow. Let’s face it, 2 to 5 inches is not that much. But when you factor in timing (traffic), wind speeds and falling temperatures all at once, it usually spells no end of trouble for anyone trying to travel by car”

Many people seemed shocked snow flurries and arctic gusts blasted northern Ohio less than 24 hours after spring-like weather.

But not Bernier, who’s come to expect March’s unpredictable weather habits.

“You can have 65 degrees one day and the next day you can wake up and there be a blizzard” he said. “We are in the battleground in the month of March. Winter is trying to hang on, and spring is trying to leap up from the Deep South. The two are fighting it out right now, and we are the wonderful recipients of it”

While severe, Wednesday’s storm was far from memorable for most meteorologists.

“We have had far worse (days) than this,” Bernier said. “This was certainly very notable and will stick in peoples minds. But it doesn’t break one of the top 10 or 20 storms”

Wednesday’s temperatures dipped to as low as 1 below zero, when accounting for wind chill.



Why would people be "shocked" it's march we get weather like this and how many stories do you think you can write about this storm lol why don't you try to find some other things to write about


YOU clicked on the story, so why complain?
Makes for better press than the cops stealing some womans' weed.




Dave Chapelle might say: "Its Ohio in March b**ches!"


Less than 20 years ago, it snowed on Easter in April...


I can remember moving to a new apartment the first week of April in an ice storm.

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The left blames global warming, Oops, I mean change. In reality it is probably just god pissed about the Obozo care failure : )


Maybe God is made at the Congress and the President not working TOGETHER to make things go a little smoother in Washington....if he really cares about such things, which I highly doubt. (God probably gave up on Washington a LONG>>>>>time ago)


It amazes me that we even discuss the weather as though we have any say in the matter. I will say that with all the negative energy that we put out into the universe, we are getting negative weather conditions. remember Tanny and smile! Peace.