Erie County at Level 1, others at Level 2

Traffic still snarled; alternate route on U.S. 20 east near Clyde is a parking lot
Mar 13, 2014

UPDATED today at 10:15 a.m.

Level 1: Erie County

Level 2: Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky counties


Level 1 - Roadways are hazardous due to accumulated snow or ice. Drive cautiously.

Level 2 - Roadways are hazardous due to blowing and drifting snow and/or ice cover. Only those who believe it is necessary to drive should be on the roadways. Contact your employer to determine if you should report to work.

Level 3 - Roadways are closed to all non-emergency travel due to extremely hazardous conditions. No one should be on the roadway unless it is absolutely essential to travel. Those operating vehicles on the roadway for non-emergency reasons may be subject to arrest.

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Yippee! Might be the last chance to build that snowman!


I hardly ever see them anymore.


I have seen about 8500 this year. One that was around 7 or 8 feet tall. My families snowmen all turned out around 3 or 4 feet tall. Ha ha.


"Bring it on!", as the old bush wacker was known to say.

Darwin's choice

Thanks obama!


I got tore apart when I blamed Obama for the weather. Good luck :-)


Are you as much of an idiot as most of your posts seem to indicate? I'm just asking.

Darwin's choice

Idiot? Really? Can't understand normal thinking? Or sarcasm?


Lol...C U Next Tuesday!


At the Bloodhound Gang Hideout


They are just that much of a idiot.


Well, the problem is that Darwin's Choice has a reputation for saying blaming Obama for things that either aren't real or aren't his fault. He also hasn't shown a propensity for humor, either. So, of course, we all assumed that he was serious with his latest idiotic comment about the Prez.

Darwin's choice

And, you're still an azz kissing obamabot!

A troll, who can't resist anything anti idiot(obama)!


obama a$$ taste so good!

Darwin's choice

"for saying blaming obama for things"

From the "Teacher" ! Better leave the Jim Beam alone there obamatroll!


Technically, it would be Mr Al Gore's fault. Carbon Tax {{eye balls rolling around}}



Blame Canada!


Global WHAT?


bush wacker, now thats a good drink...


They were throwing the Blizzard word around on the Cleveland news. SMDH


They were throwing the Blizzard word around on the Cleveland news. SMDH


No blame the north poll . One would think people are crazy when they talk about global warming . If we Abe have problem with global warming then was this the coldest winter in over thirty years?. I think someone is trying to blow smoke up our butts


Yes the evil scientists are always wrong.
It was divine intervention that brought you all the tech to post this message.
Scientists are the dregs dontachaknow?
The airbag in your car was probably designed by hannity.
I'll bet ann coulter probably drew up the plans for the Gatekeeper.
Dead nugent probably programmed your smart phone.
Billowreilly invented doppler radar and weather satellites.
Al Gore plots to take money from you.
It's all very clear.

From the Grave

Maybe because of global warming, the polar ice caps are melting, and the extra moisture has forced the jet stream south, so that we are now getting weather similar to the northern part of North America. Global warming isn't like turning up the thermostat on your furnace...


Man made global warming is a theory.

From the Grave

So was the flat Earth.


Flat until proven wrong. I also don't recall anyone making money out of fear, by claiming the earth was flat.



I do know that people are making money on ignorance and denial now.

"Theory of Evoluation"
"Theory of Gravity"
"Theory of Relativity"

All are "only" theory until proven wrong.


Recall, as in remembering learning about Christopher Columbus.

It's Evolution not evoluation by the way, and that still has yet to be proven.

Ignorance is growing by the masses, it seems. Follow the rest of your flock little sheep.


You go, JMOP! It's people like you who make me keep my faith in my fellow men! I'm so glad there is still intelligent life out there.