City urges Riverside Drive residents to evacuate

Low-lying areas in Vermilion face flooding
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 22, 2014

City officials issued an alert at 12:30 a.m. Saturday, urging Riverside Drive residents to evacuate because the area is completely under water.

"Consider evacuating ASAP," the text alert stated.

City officials are keeping a close eye on the Vermilion River, which is stopped up in places with ice jams.



Is there any word on a shelter for evacuating residents? Where do they go?


The nearest motel is a good place to start.


"City officials are keeping a close on the Vermillion River..." I hope they're keeping a close eye..


"Where do they go" really? There grown I'm sure they can find a place to go would you need someone to tell you where to go

Stop It

I've been told where to go many times. I have a hard time following orders.


Stop it stop it ! Trust me where I've been told to go there are definitely no ice jams !