Winter's fury strikes again

Northcoast hit with more snow
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 18, 2014


Mother Nature is once again unleashing her fury down onto the surface level.

The Weather Channel reported Sandusky and other parts of northern Ohio received up to 3 inches of snow Monday night.

Today and Wednesday, however, temperatures should remain in the mid-to-high 30s. Then on Thursday, meteorologists call for a 70 percent chance of rain with a high of 48 degrees and a low of 32 degrees.

Check  throughout the day for cancellations and closures of schools, businesses and government buildings.

Ohioans have already struggled through one of the coldest, snowiest winters in years. Snow since early December has led to a shortage of road salt in some municipalities, high overtime costs for plow crews and schools running out of snow days.



I think I could deal with the occasional hurricane rather than this incessant garbage.


yeah, florida here I come!

thinkagain's picture

Sorry, no more Buckeyes allowed!

Time for my tennis match. Seventy five degrees and blue skies is smack dab perfect.


Tennis huh, don't break a hip!

From the Grave

This has been an easy winter for me because, for the first time in my life, I am NOT struggling with it. 48 sounds nice, though...


3 inches? How did we end with a level 3 from 3 inches? My driveway has at least 6 on the whole thing.


I'm thinking it was the ice, not the snow.


It says snow.


Route 269 closed because of SNOW drifts.

From the Grave

That's what she said?


My driveway is always just one huge drift. I used to call my snow blower my toy, but now it's just another piece of work equipment.


You must be 40+ then.


Really? Are we complaining?! I can still see corn stubble, have made it to work everyday, and barely remember the blizzard (now that was snow!). Call me old, I don't care, but we have needed this so bad. Maybe now some of the bugs, fungus and germs will be killed off and we won't have to fight them so hard. Be thankful you have survived this horrible winter to complain about it, because summer is right around the corner and you will be complaining about it being to hot. I'm thankful all my friends and family have been safe and we have all made it thru this.


Until your gutters fall off from the wight of ice. But yeah, you're right otherwise. We did NEED this. Why? To remind us how much better summer is!!!

Stop It

First one who complains how hot it is this summer coming, gets thunder throat punched. Deal?


An Erie County-wide "Level 3" is not justified at this time. It will be lifted soon.

he said she said

3 inches? Well then, who the heck's sidewalk did I just shovel? There had to be at least 5-7 inches out there and I'm not counting where it drifted!!


I moved to SC last year and will gladly trade ice storms for any amount of snow. WIND? not so much. BUT love it down here


I went out to knock some ice off the gutters and saw a robin. Spring is just around the corner.


Robins have been around all winter. Guess they must have heard it was going to be just as bad in the south this year.