Schools closed/delayed

Last updated 8:00 a.m.
Feb 7, 2014


Schools closed:

• Huron

• Fremont

• Sandusky

Schools on two-hour delay: 

• Bellevue

• Clyde-Green Springs

• Christie Lane school and work shop

• Danbury

• Margaretta

• Monroeville

• New London

• Norwalk

• Port Clinton

• Monroeville

• Port Clinton

• Perkins

• Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers



This is the reason that the vacation part of the system should be in the winter. The failure to cancel school in this dangerous weather is thanks to ignorance and self-serving schedules for the adults. Have they no regard for YOUR children?

mimi's word

It has alot to do with the way parents are anymore. Some kids the only meal they will get today is that at school. There is ALOT more that goes into calling off school that just the weather situation.


Mmm hu?

Tell it how it is.

Grow up everybody and let's not be such wimps.


It's so nice of the Register to FINALLY give some updates! Sandusky was closed way before 6:30 AM and this wasn't updated until 8!!! When I checked at 6AM, it hadn't been updated since yesterday at 4.

If you're going to provide this service, Sandusky Register, then please do timely updates.

kimi43464's picture

Nuts....real feel is -22° and not much better at noon but Margaretta will delay 2hours so it only feels like -14°. What a bunch of penguins run that district. I wouldn't complain if the school heating systems were designed to properly warm in these conditions!!! How bout Mr Superintendent turn the heat down in your office so you're as cold as the kids!!! Give it a try??


I'm 41, I don't ever remember them canceling school because it was too cold...seems to me no one died from it....


I'm a few years older than you and we did cancel on rare occasion because of dangerous wind chills. And while no one died, people did get frostbite.


Mimi, you may be right and that is a sad state of affairs when these kids need to depend on eating at school for their food for the day. This country is in bad shape and getting worse. We have been in a depression or recession for six years now and it just keeps getting worse every year with no sign of let up.

mimi's word

It is sad that the schools have to chose between so many factors, kids eating, weather appropriate coats, being sued, etc., etc., and we wonder why it costs us so much to have the schools help raise our kids.


Agree John D, I am 43, and we only cancelled on days when the snow was the issue. Bundle up! It is not stopping any of those kids from playing outside for hours today. And if the parents have problem with them walking, drive them to school, or keep them home.


Most parents do not let their children play outside in 20+ below zero windchills. And some parents do not drive or have a car. You cannot simply keep children home for that reason--it would be considered an inexcused absence.
Again, I am a few years older than you and yes, school was cancelled when it was extremely cold. You just do not remember because it didn't happen as often as it has this winter.


We live in country, the roads drift bad, I personally would rather them cancel school than my kids hurt or dead because the bus went in a ditch, would still be the same if I drove, also, people that actually work for a living have to be to work after kids leave for school this does put problems with their work, tardies, late call offs, I'm fortunate as I own my own business and can open or close when I want but others cannot, and yes some of us, do not have extra meals for our kids since they usually are in school, babysitters have to be planned etc. People seem to forget there is more to it, so this is no ones fault but the harsh winter we have thus far endured. And I'm sure there is more to come!