Wednesday's closures and delays

A few local school districts have cancelled Wednesday classes, with delays in other areas. Send any closings, cancellations and delays to
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 28, 2014



•Clyde-Green Springs Schools

•Fremont Schools, public and parochial

•Huron Schools

•Huron St. Peter School

•Sandusky Schools

•Sandusky Central Catholic School

•South Central Schools

•Vermilion Schools

•Western Reserve Schools

•Vanguard-Sentinel Career and Technology Centers



Two-hour delay

•Bellevue Schools

•Benton-Carroll-Salem Schools

•Christie Lane School & Workshop

•Edison Schools

•EHOVE Career Center

•Margaretta Schools

•Monroeville Schools

•Norwalk Schools

•Perkins Schools (no morning kindergarten or preschool)

•Port Clinton Schools

•Willard Schools


Other Wednesday cancellations

•Catholic Community Supper at Holy Angels


Dwight K.

Oh come on just go to school


Oh come on just go ahead and cancel school

kimi43464's picture

Amen, close already! Sandusky has the good sense to close and at Margaretta....not so much!!

yea right

wimps nowadays..yea off school.. id still be outside sledding skating and do other things


totally ridiculous....


Why don't they just call off school for the winter and be done with it? Folks, this is winter time and we can't stop functioning because of the weather. Every one needs to show up for work and school.


This generation is too "entitled". They use every excuse to get out of whatever it is they don't want to do when it's convenient. I get it if a business or school doesn't have water, electricity, or heat. But I agree, it's Ohio. We have cold weather and snow. Just like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upstate New York, and Canada. Dress for it. We did. I guess -20 degree wind chills back in the day weren't as cold as they are now. By the way, did you happen to see all the kids at the ski resorts yesterday?

Tsu Dho Nimh

It's not "this generation" making the decisions. Adults in charge of the safety of children are making the decisions. Taxraider is correct. How they calculate wind chills today was changed around 15 years ago and -20 wind chill today is not the same as -20 of years ago. This is an unusual winter and our weather is not typical for Ohio. BTW, I don't think the ski resorts were filled with kids from Erie County.


I think it's more that we use common sense now and err on the side of caution. Back in the day we also used lead paint and lobotomies. Should we go back to those things, too?


People are walking in the streets in downtown Sandusky with lights on so they do not get hit by a car at night because the sidewalks are not cleaned off. People it is your job to do so not the cities. Please make it safe for the kids to walk to school if you want them to go in. Unfortunately since you did not shovel it off earlier it is now solid ice for you to work on today!


They wee outside playing, they could have walked to school. kids are or used to be reisiliant.


The wind chill formula was modified in 2001, so -20 today is much colder than -20 "back in the day".


It only takes ONE litigious parent....... Just saying.