Weather about to turn extremely cold

Low-income people who need help keeping the heat on will want to know that the Winter Crisis Program continues to accept applications.
Tom Jackson
Jan 27, 2014


Mother Nature has been sprinkling snow on us for several days.

Starting today, she’s about to put us all in deep freeze.

Sunday was relatively warm, with temperatures in the 30s.

But the National Weather Service is warning that the high today in Sandusky will be just 11 degrees and the low Monday night will be minus 8 degrees. On Tuesday, look for a high of minus 1 degree and a low Tuesday night of minus 8 degrees. Wednesday will at least be above zero, with a forecast high of 8 degrees and a low of 6 degrees.

A wind of about 16 mph is forecast Tuesday, causing wind chills to drop at low as minus 31 degrees.

Dr. Scott Campbell, medical director of the emergency room at Firelands Regional Medical Center, told the Sandusky Register earlier this month that when Sandusky residents face such cold winds, it’s important to cover exposed areas of the body, including the face and hands. He noted that wind goggles can protect a person’s eyes.

As of Sunday night, Erie County remained under a Level One snow emergency, which is defined as “Roadways are hazardous due to accumulated snow or ice. Drive cautiously”

Throughout the weekend, law enforcement agencies in Erie County reported a series of accidents caused by slick road surfaces, and filed reports about cars being stuck in the snow and having to be towed away.

In one of the more serious accidents, a car driven by Alexandria Leigh Lowrey, 21, 1200 block of Mudbrook Road, Huron, was traveling in Milan Township at 6:40 p.m. Friday and ran off the side of the road, winding up rolled over in a yard in the 11800 block of Ohio 13. Lowrey was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center in Norwalk, where she was treated for her injuries and then released.

Low-income people who need help keeping the heat on will want to know that the Winter Crisis Program continues to accept applications.

The Community Action Commission of Erie, Huron & Richland counties provides help to low income homes that are threatened with having their heat disconnected, have already lost service, need to establish new service or transfer service, or who have 25 percent or less of fuel capacity in their tank.

The Sandusky CAC office may be reached at 419-626-6540.



its been extremely cold since the end of November, I think..


We got married on January 29, 1977, one of the coldest days in Ohio's history. The chill factor hit almost -60. When we returned from the reception, we found all the pipes in our mobile home frozen. Here we go again!

Julie R.

Here we go again is right. I am sooooo sick of this crap!


I guess the wooly bears were right?