UPDATED: School closures/delays

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Jan 24, 2014


Erie County

EHOVE — closed 

Edison — closed 

Firelands Montesori — closed

Huron public and parochal — closed

Margaretta — closed

Perkins — closed

Sandusky — closed

Huron County

Bellevue public and parochial — closed 

Christ Lane School and Work Shop — closed

Monroeville — closed

New London — closed 

Norwalk public and parochial — closed

Western Reserve — closed

Willard — closed

Ottawa County

Benton-Carroll-Salem and St. Boniface — 2 hour delay 

Danbury — 2 hour delay 

Port Clinton — 2 hour delay 

Sandusky County 

Fremont public and parochial — closed

Vanguard Tech Center — 2 hour delay 

Seneca County

Bettsville — closed 

Old Fort — 2 hour delay 

Seneca East — closed 

Tiffin — closed



From the Grave

The two hour delay makes me laugh, since I've always said that kids go to school two hours early anyway. Shorten the days, and extend the year!!!

Tom Sawyer

Furnace must be out in Sandusky! Lol


Can anyone explain why Sandusky never delays?


you expect the teachers to work 2 hrs a day less and to go longer into the summer without getting paid MORE!! they only get paid for what 180 days as it is and has to have a summer job to make a LIVING now..

Darwin's choice


Señor Clown

The average salary for a teacher in Ohio is $56,715. I think they get paid enough for a whole year's worth of work.


Totally agree!! And don't lam blast me for saying teachers have to put up with a lot, work hours before and after the school day, and educate American students. They 'teach' approximately 4 hours a day, the rest of the time spent doing 'nothing'. How many other professions work after their 'day' is done? A lot. Look at the cars in a teacher's parking lot once--they aren't doing too bad for having a summer break. We all choose our own line of work.


Where do you get that teachers teach 4 hours per day? Teachers get one planning period per day, which they use to do all the other work that is required to actually teach. You know, like planning the lesson, grading the students' work, emailing parents, etc. You have never been in a classroom if you think teachers do nothing the rest of the day.


On the contrary, I have been in the classroom. The average school day is 6 hours long. It takes 10-15 minutes after the bell to get settled and begin the class. With 20-30 minutes left in the period, kids are on their 'own study time'. Plus, one free period and lunch, it averages to ACTUAL INSTRUCTION time = 4 hours a day.


Well, so because you have been in a classroom with one bad teacher, they are all bad? I have been in the classroom often for years. The average school day is 7 hours long, not 6. Students are expected to be ready to begin class when the bell rings, not 10-15 minutes later. I have never seen that in my life, whether you are talking elementary, junior high, or high school. Sometimes kids get class time to begin their work, which is when teachers answer individual students' questions, or grade papers, or get ready for the next lesson. A free period is 30-45 minutes, during which they are still doing teacher work. Lunch is 30-40 minutes if they don't also have recess or lunchroom duty. So that equals 5 1/2-6 hours of actual instruction time, but a teacher's job isn't just instructing. They have to plan their lessons, grade work and enter it into the computer, attend meetings, make copies, email or call parents, etc. Those are all duties of a teacher. You want teachers to actually teach more? Then let's go back to the days when the school secretaries actually did things to help the teachers (like make their copies for them, etc) and not just the administrators. Oh but wait, that would cost more money. And then you would complain about that.


Yea well they dont need to have champain taste on KOOL-AID money . Learn to live with the amount you get paid , If they get paid the amount above that should be enough and if its not then they need to either cut back or find another job .I only wish that I made that kind of money and only have to work a certain amount of hours a year . You look at a lot of people that work in factories as well as the food and retail do not make that kind of money and they work year round .And in a lot of cases if there plant closes they may not get paid or do not get their full pay .And all I can say is it must be nice to be a teacher


My mom is a teacher in Fremont and she does not make enough it depends on what school they work for. My mom worked factory most of my life and made more there! Don't be so quick to judge. She deals with more b.s at the school then she did in factory work!


Since when do people who work in food, retail, and factories have college degrees, let alone master's degrees? Your statement is laughable. If you don't make enough money, get an education and a different job.


http://www.buckeyeinstitute.org/... go see what these poor teachers make.


Here's what charter school teachers(?) make since your privatization boys have had their way.

Average Yearly Charter School Teacher Salary $42,117 - $63,175
Starting Yearly Charter School Teacher Salary $34,684 - $52,027
Top Yearly Charter School Teacher Salary $49,549 - $74,324

Keep in mind how poorly these schools perform if you are capable.


Every school is now closed except Port Clinton and Danbury. Apparently it's warmer in those two districts than the rest of northern Ohio!


Señor clown, do not judge anyone's salary unless you work a year in that job! That goes for any job not just teaching.


How can you think that teachers make too much money? They care and protect and educate our children. I don't care what kind of stinking car they drive.


teaching our kids ? that is laughable . If that is the case then why does the state rate Sandusky public schools at the lowest.report card on the north coast .


What's laughable is anyone who would criticize teachers, I'm guessing you also come on here to criticize police or firefighters, what's next military? Do they make too much as well? I don't think you could pay me enough to put up with the things teachers today have to put up with...maybe you're just bitter about other people's professions because you hate what you do, sounds a little like jealousy to me

Kobayashi Maru

Teachers do as much as they can. When kids constantly miss school cause moms to lazy to drive them, or no one works with them at home cause moms too busy messin around with the new flavor of the week, so the child rots in front of the tv, then you get a poor performing school.


When teachers actually begin educating our students and not just reiterating state mandated test answers, then they will gain my respect. Ask the average high school student to explain Viet Nam, the correct usage of their, they're and there, or how to measure a room for carpeting and see what kind of answers you get.


Most people on this board don't even use the right form of their, there, or they're, and they are grown adults of all ages.
What do you mean about explain Vietnam? I never knew that an in-depth study of the Vietnam war was the measure of whether or not someone was a good teacher.


Right. Yes, there are crappy teachers, but it takes discipline to learn. I've been graduated from high school for so long, and I haven't had to know any type of history to benefit me in any way.


You prove my point. I was simply giving examples of what students DO NOT KNOW!! And the fact that adults do not know the correct usage of grammar, proves they were not taught correctly. Thank you!


No, I am sure in most cases they were taught correctly. They just either didn't learn it well enough or have forgotten it. A great teacher can teach, but that doesn't mean all students will learn.


I really think it is time to expect more from the students. I can't remember one single time I got help with my school work.. In fairness to my mom, she died when I was 10 years old. My dad expected us to do well but NEVER helped. Having said that, I was on the honor roll every single semester of my highschool years. I can't say what teachers do or don't do but if your kid needs help the parent/s should get involved and help them. Teachers can only do so much.