School closures/delays for Wednesday

Wind chill temperatures delay many area schools.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 22, 2014

Schools in a two-hour delay
Perkins Schools
Fremont Schools
Edison Schools
Margaretta Schools
Clyde/Green Springs Schools
Port Clinton Schools
Bellevue Public & Parochial
Christie Lane School & Workshop
Monroeville Schools
New London Schools
Seneca East Schools
South Central Schools
Vanguard Tech Center



The Don

It's -13 out and sandusky isn't even delayed. WTF

Licorice Schtick

The roads weren't that bad. The way this winter is going, if they're too free with snow days they'll need to make them up. These are tough decisions, and there's a lot of second-guessing going on here.


retracting my statement :)


Sandusky just flat out doesn't care about the students that have to walk, or wait outside to ride the bus.

Stop It



My nipples could cut glass!


Quit buying into the hysteria that your going to die being in the cold, dress appropriately and everyone will be fine.

Stop It

Kids don't dress in 'layers' just to go to school, sugar. That's what one does when they WORK in it. Get real.

yea right

then be a parent and teach them

Stop It

Short answer. Kids do know that when they play in it. Mine did. they can go xtra days in the summer for all I care.


I did. Back in the 70's Walking to school: warm boots , one set of socks , BREAD bags on each foot, then another set of socks. So your feet wouldn't slip and slide all over in the boot. Warm hat, coat, scarves and gloves. We didn't have backpacks in those days used to use a paper grocery bag.

I wasn't the only kid who used that method My feet always stayed warm. Even being a girl; I wore long johns under pants. And I do remember my hair freezing ,too.

These kids , now, don't have and will never have a clue.


I've never known Sandusky to delay and they are out of calamity days. If they cancel then everyone will be complaining about having to make it up at the end of the year. Danged if you do, danged if you don't


Ok, it's 8 am, temp is -4 with -16 wind chill. Close the schools already. Make it up on spring break or beginning of summer.


That's what I said. We live in Ohio for goodness sake- they should plan on this weather. The kids don't need a week at Easter. We got by with a long week-end.



The Don



Start closing people, the animals won't even go out but you want our kids to. Take the days at Easter we do not need a week off. I agree, long weekend is just fine. But this is ridiculous, thought there was a rule on if it hit a certain temp they had to cancel.


Use the closing days wisely. There is still 2 months of weather to mess with...if not longer.


Unsafe is unsafe. If they have to use up more days than they are allotted, then do it. A few days added at the end of the year aren't going to kill anyone. They don't do anything the last week of school anyway.

yea right

define unsafe..if you dress right no problem.. remember there are more extrem cases

Stop It

Really, yea right? have you ever WORKED in this weather? I have. It's too damn cold for kids walking to school. They can sweat it out in the summer.

yea right

iv worked in 120 degree one day and shipped off to -10 the next..yea i know how to work in the extrem weather..

Stop It

I call you a liar.

yea right


Licorice Schtick

The snow days I remember were because the roads were impassable. We would go out and play in the ice and snow much of the day. If it was really cold (like today) we'd be in and out, and whining for hot chocolate. Had a blast.

Kids today are fat, soft, coddled wimps because that's the way the parents are raising them.

Stop It

I already did.


Seriously? No matter how they dress they're still going to have exposed skin and at these temps it's unsafe.

Stop It

The next person I have to 'brake-check' on these roads, will not get the short version. Insurance and law will be involved.

No Wake

As well as a few appearances in court, if you catch someone with a dash cam running.

Brake checking someone is a pretty antisocial and immature way of dealing with someone you've had a problem with on the road. Driving isn't a competition, slowing down to allow/force someone to pass you doesn't mean you 'lose'. Yes, a failure to maintain assured clear distance is a major safety issue, but intentionally creating a condition where another driver is forced to hit you does not solve it.

What if the other driver swerves to avoid you and hits somebody else? Is that person's pain and suffering justified by you needing to "teach someone a lesson"? I just can't get behind that line of thinking, and it's appalling to see someone proud enough to boast about doing it.

Finn Finn

Instead of calling this guy antisocial and immature, why don't you say a few words to the tailgaters of this world? Why do people tailgate in the first place? Why do they think they have the right to force everyone to go the speed they want to go? I can't get behind THAT line of thinking. Immature, egotistical bullies. And there you are, ready to blame the "brake checker" for an accident, and not the tailgating a____ hole.


Beware Stop It’s '93 Ford Ranger with 200K miles on it, the driver has anger issues, because someone “stole” his home and job and he now lives with his mom. He doesn’t preach his beliefs, he just holds them in… until he blows his top. :)