School closures/delays for Wednesday

Wind chill temperatures delay many area schools.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 22, 2014

Schools in a two-hour delay
Perkins Schools
Fremont Schools
Edison Schools
Margaretta Schools
Clyde/Green Springs Schools
Port Clinton Schools
Bellevue Public & Parochial
Christie Lane School & Workshop
Monroeville Schools
New London Schools
Seneca East Schools
South Central Schools
Vanguard Tech Center




Email the superintendent and let him know how you feel about it. I know i have in the past.

nosey rosey

Hats, gloves & boots people. If you can go to work then your kid can go to school.


I am emailing the superintendent for sure!!! I have electric baseboard heaters and all of them are on HIGH and it is still so cold outside that my kids are in the house with layers of pajamas and their COATS on!!! My dog won't even go outside!!! Not to mention that even when it is in the teens and 20 ' s my first grader insists on wearing a sweater in class because the classrooms are so "COLD"!!!!! It's seriously rediculous that they didn't cancel school and it's -6 degrees outside!!!!

The Don

My daughter has the same problem she wants to wear her coat in class because it is so cold but they won't let her


Double post

he said she said

My kids are out of school now but I complained when they were in school. It boiled down to this and I thank my father for this: If the superintendant can go from their house to the car in the garage and can make it to work in a nice warm car, then school being open is fine. The superintendant does not take into consideration the kids' parents that can not afford a warm coat, gloves and a hat for their kids or afford a car to get their kids to school.




If that is the case then they need to close schools for the next 10 days. going to be this cold that long

Tsu Dho Nimh

Sandusky High School's start time is 8:25 so it is already an "hour delay" when compared to other districts.


What about Tuesday? The Sheriff's department had a level two posted at 5:00 am. Did anyone bother to look at the Sheriff's department website? Wonder how the bus drivers feel about the district's decision. I wouldn't want to have had the responsibility of driving children that morning for sure. How long did children have to stand out in the cold waiting for the buses? From what I understand, they were not all on time and some kids were still waiting for the bus after the start of school. You don't make decisions based on how many days you have left, you make them based on the conditions!


If parents can't afford a warm coat then they shouldn't have kids... goodwill ppl! Also if adults can go to work n not get cold days then children can go to school... I understand its cold n kids ur boss n take ur kid to school that day...have a friend take them or better yet dress them warm... when I was in school 6 yrs ago we didn't get the boo whoo b.s. parents took care of kids properly and we were just fine n had snow ball fights on the way to adays kids are babyed just like when they get into trouble at school its a lil note home or detention... if they went back to treating kids a lil more mature we might acutally have adults by the time they graduate h.s. not children still!


I agree with the windchill not being extreme enough today but what about the level 2 yesterday? I don't recall going to school when a level 2 was issued. I have lived in Erie county for 25 years and know that level 2s aren't handed out loosely.

Common Sense

As for calamity days, this will not be a debatable point for the following school year. ODE is putting in a system of minimum hours needed to complete a school year.
Additionally, the state is offering online education as a way to make up the calamity days

There was a small article in the Sandusky Register (presented by the AP). Perhaps this would be a good topic for the Register to cover. Oh wait, there is nothing sensational to cover in this story. Never mind, Matt.