School closures/delays for Tuesday

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Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 21, 2014


Perkins Schools (No AM Kindergarten/Preschool)
Huron Schools
Norwalk Schools
Clyde/Green Springs
Firelands Montessori
Margaretta Schools
Bellevue Public & Parochial
Monroeville Schools
Edison Schools
St. Stephens Kiddie Kollege

Two-hour delay
Benton-Carroll-Salem & St. Boniface
Danbury Schools
Fremont Public & Parochial
Christie Lane School & Workshop
Port Clinton Schools
Seneca East



So Sandusky hasn't delayed and they're under a level 2? Smart.


What is wrong with the powers that be in Sandusky? Do high winds and level 2 road conditions mean nothing? Parents, don't send your children to school!


Agree! -12 windchill...drifting, 8 degrees outside..come on Sandusky. You have not even gotten cleaned up from over the weekend.


Don't send your children to school in this weather!!! I'm not, maybe they will delay next time like everyone else!!!


I think the Sheriff was quick to pull the trigger on the level 2 this morning. Closing schools was not necessary but I do agree with the delay. Sandusky city schools dropped the ball for sure. The same folks complaining about the schools NOT being closed will be the same one complaining when the kids are still going in June to make up for the calamity day excess.


I will not be complaining, because I would rather my children be safe and not become frost bitten walking to and from school in negative windchill weather!!! I will gladly have them make up a few extra days in 80 degree weather!!


Huron never has a delay. They are either open at regular time or closed.


Huron administrators probably aren't intelligent enough to realize delays are an option.


Nope, it just causes too many headaches. And not much changes between 6:15 am (when buses leave to being their routes) and 8:15.


No rural road in Sandusky city limits. Blowing snow is not a big issue.


Blowing snow is not a big issue in city limits, but what about ice? What about temps that are supposed to drop to below 0 by 10 a.m. With windchill in the negatives!?!? The MAJORITY of Sandusky school kids WALK to and from school, because we don't have the luxury of getting dropped off and picked up in front of our homes like perkins!!


Yea well the cac ain't answering so my guess they are closed today


I do not miss walking to school. Especially when you have to walk in the street due to snow and ice covered sidewalks.

Maury Brauschwitz

I'm from the snowbelt. What a bunch of wimps around here... a level two?? lol The snowbelt would be closed all winter under some of the silly criteria in this area.


The snowbelt is better prepared for this and used to it.


This list is so NOT-Updated. Most of the delays are closed.

Just Asking

So what are the kids doing when school is closed due to frigid conditions? The ones by me are out riding in their snow mobiles. Perhaps they could have used them to get to school instead.