City puts bus routes on ice until frigid weather breaks

Frigid weather forced Sandusky officials to shut down all city-based public transportation operations today.
Andy Ouriel
Jan 7, 2014


All Sandusky Transit vehicles — including SPARC, or Sandusky-Perkins Ride Area Connection — stopped picking up and dropping off riders around 1 p.m. Monday.

Bad weather — with a forecast of howling winds, heavy snowfall and more frosty weather — convinced officials to halt public transportation vehicles from trekking across city streets today.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth on Monday issued a Level 3 snow emergency for the entire region, meaning all non-emergency drivers must stay off the roads. The severe winter weather warning was set to stay in effect through at least this morning.    Sandusky-based public transportation services should resume Wednesday, when the cold front is expected to move away from Ohio.

“We can’t put any passengers in danger,” Sandusky Transit administrator Thomas Schwan said. “If one of our buses falls behind, we don’t want someone standing outside for a long time. We’re just trying to keep everyone safe during the cold weather”

Sandusky Transit vehicles provided 166,200 rides in 2012, a record amount and a 14 percent increase from the 145,400 passengers in 2011. The vehicles transport people throughout Erie County for free or for a small fee.



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