Winter weather advisory

The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for the entire Register curculation area in effect from 1 a.m. to noon Friday.
Feb 21, 2013


Some areas could have up to an inch of snow and an inch of ice after midnight changing to rain around noon.  Winds southeast to 10 to 20 mph with gusts up to 25 mph.

Roadways could be dangerous. Drivers urged to use extra caution. 

Click here for a complete weather forecast.



Maybe the teachers will get yet another day off with pay.

Common Sense

Oh yes, that happens all the time. Get your big boy pants on and take the lunch your mother packed for you as well.


Yes, Bob, I am very excited about my day "off". I will be doing lesson plans, grading papers, processing grades for midterms, and -when the roads clear - going in to my classroom to prep it for next week's lessons. The really awesome part is that because I get this day off to do all this, I don't have to get up at 6 am on Saturday morning, like I usually do, and work until early afternoon! I actually get a Saturday off!


Teachers are not paid by the day. They are paid by a specified contract amount. 3 months of that moeny is held back so that they can get a check during the summer months; however they earned it earlier over the 9 month period. Lets hold back one third of your pay for 9 months and see how you squeal!


Bobshumway92, maybe you should have become a teacher. Professional positions come with professional level benefits.


I am a professional that makes well more than 4 times a teacher makes, but I will be at work tomorrow.


you must not have negotiated a good benefits package then. just a nice pay check.


If you earn four times what a teacher makes , then why are you whining ? Turn that frown upside down ; ))))


I'll bet you get a lot more respect in your job as compared to the lack of respect you give teachers. And why is that Bob?


I drive my student 18 miles to school everyday. I welcome a cancellation for inclement weather and the last thought in my mind is a teachers day off paid. It's more about getting my student to school, safely....




teachers are in the process of making calamity day lessons for students to complete at home of they(the students)have the means..they will be given opportunities in school if they are unable to complete it at home


Wow! Teachers must be flattered to know you think of them when you see a weather alert. Sandusky schools only had 1 day off- it was from high winds ( hurricane sandy ) no snow days so far.


Sorry Mr. BOBSHUMWAY~ Looks like your the only hater here LOL! Why in the world would you have to say such a thing under a weather advisory. If you make all that money you would think you wouldn't be such a hater. My gosh~I think I've seen it all......................


Dang Bobby boy, if you made that much, what you still doing in Ohio? Shouldn't you be in Florida or something soaking up some rays and drinking umbrella drinks??


bullSHIRT Bobshumway92 if you made 4 times what a teacher makes, you would not be commenting on a weather alert at 5:23pm at a home town newspaper website Im sure you would have more pressing things to be doing




Hook, line, sinker!


bobby whatever... maybe you should worry less about who is and isnt getting paid for missed work in bad weather and worry a bit more about safety of these people and the kids. This storm went through the area I grew up in and a bus overturned with 7 kids still on it. ( 3 kids and the driver were seen for minor injuries reports say everyones ok) Huh you think the kids parents are worried that the teachers get paid for snow days?


Hook, line, sinker!


Arrogance, thy name is BobShumway...


As a former college instructor, I can tell you that even with a "snow day" my "teaching" work was never done. I used that time to do lesson plans, grade papers and, if lucky, grab a nap. Seldom is a teacher ever without work to do for school.

So I must say, Mr. Shumway, I congratulate you on making 4X what a teacher makes (I am sure they earn EVERY DIME they are paid). And the fact that you knew at 5:30 you wouldn't be going in tomorrow, most of the teachers don't know until they are about ready to leave for work, so sleeping in isn't a luxury they get. And while you are working at home, I am sure they will be too.


Winter + Northern Ohio + Forecasts that never happen = You get what you get, when you wake up in the AM. It's up to you.

"should I stay or should I go?" comes to mind...


These school districts sure have their nerve closing today! Just think how many teachers are being paid to sleep today...LOL