Old Man Winter loved by some, loathed by others

While youngsters have plenty of fun in snowstorm, motorists struggle to keep cars out of ditches
Emil Whitis
Dec 27, 2012


For motorists, Old Man Winter was a veritable grump Wednesday afternoon. For young sled-riders and creators of snowmen, the Old Man quickly became a favorite granddad.      

"We just wanted to go out and play in the snow," said Jake Riedy, who helped build an 8-foot snowman outside his Wayne Street home in Sandusky.

In other parts of town, particularly along highways, attitudes were a little more glum. Police and firefighters hustled to dozens of crash scenes, most involving minor crashes.

Pick up Thursday's Register to read what area officials had to say, including National Weather Service meteorologist Martin Thompson; Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Anthony DeChoudens; Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer; Highway Patrol Sgt. Eric Short; Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick; and Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth.

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Dr. Information

Just goes to show you the amount of people who shouldn't drive, nor pay attention when they are driving. Watched a young boy lock his brakes up and plow right into a car in Mansfield yesterday.....he was on his cellphone, not paying one bit of attention in the snow while driving.


That is EXACTLY why Ohio should ban cellphone use while driving. You bectcha!


It never ceases to amaze me how, in just a few months, people forget even the most obvious things. You know, things like "snow and ice are slippery" and "reduced visibility means you should SLOW DOWN!"

On a related subject, it's also ridiculous how many people can't be bothered to shovel the sidewalks. I realize that some homes are occupied by elderly or disabled persons who need to wait for someone else to come and do the job, but I can't imagine only ONE able-bodied person on a given block, and that's what I was seeing today!


Yea but once you shovel your side walk you are responsible if someone slips and falls on it if you leave it alone and someone falls it is an act of nature. So shovel at your own risk


Either way, it's an act of nature...... gravity. Lol


Either way, it's an act of nature...... gravity. Lol


Ever hear of the new salt? It works wonders. Doesn't bother the sidewalk either and melts the snow and ice. We use it regularly after shoveling so no one falls.
Try lowes or menards. Costs less than a lawsuit ever will. LOL


We towed alot of drivers that day off Rt.2, and pulled a few people out of ditches along Rt.4,...first call I was called out to, there was a lady driving a 4-wheel drive Ford Exploder(lol)..anyway, I was driving beside her and she tapped the brakes, if I wouldn't have been paying attention I would have T-Boned her, cause she slid sideways right into my lane. Goes to show you, cause because you have 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, doesn't mean you know how to use it. 9 out of 10 cars picked up after a snow storm are 4x4 vehicles.