Residents flock to stores ahead of storm

Businesses were busy Monday as area residents prepared for the approach of Hurricane Sandy.
Melissa Topey
Oct 30, 2012


Krogers grocery stores in Sandusky and Port Clinton, as well as Bassett's Market in Port Clinton had an uptick in people stocking up on supplies.

"Everyone is just trying to get their grocery shopping done," said Bassetts general manager Mark Keller. "People are preparing to hunker down for the next couple of days."

He said people bought basic food items and 24-packs of bottled water.

Chuck Allendorf, owner of the Ace Hardware store in Port Clinton, said his customers bought extra batteries for flashlights as well as sump pumps.

Unfortunately the store does not carry generators or it could have sold a few, he said.

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Really, folks? Some wind and rain make you buy more overpriced groceries?


When in doubt, just freak out.


Better safe than sorry


I need a squeegee


I don't understand. Most people who don't have enough groceries to last them a couple days are the ones who can't afford it. But if they can't afford to keep enough groceries on hand for only a couple days of "hunkering down"... where do they come up with it out of the blue? Sounds to me like what MrHat said, just freaking out. People want an excuse to panic so they found one and they had to share it with everyone else by doing it in public in the form of shopping.




Everybody should have an old time can opener, church key, candles and wood matches.

OH, FYI for you young ones, church key = bottle opener w/ the punch end.


I went and bought groceries, but we needed them anyway. I also bought batteries because it is almost time to change the smoke detectors. Candles are a constant on my shopping list, I buy them every time I am at the store. The only "extra storm item" that I bought was propane tanks for our little heater IF the power goes out. I am not by nature one to panic but I am one to be prepared to protect my family.


The media and panic run hand in hand. Let's go buy a month of groceries for a two day local storm and raise the prices because the shelves are now empty.

Darwin's choice

Wait until the price of gas goes through the roof next week............

Erie County Resident

Makes sense that everyone should have enough to get by on for 3 days at ANY given time not just when a storm comes thru.
As for generators, with all the "Freak Out" buying & shortages over the last 10 years or so you would think every house has at least 2 of them by now.