Updated 9 a.m.: Closed schools

The following is a list of school and activity cancellations today due to severe weather. It will be updated as notice of closings is provided.
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 29, 2012




These districts are closed today:  

- Bellevue  public and parochial

- Christie Lane School and Workshop

- Clyde-Green Springs

- Danbury schools

- Edison



- Firelands Montessori


- Haughland Learning Center

- Huron public and parochial

- Lakota

- Margaretta

- Norwalk public and parochial

- Perkins

- Port Clinton

- Sandusky 

- Sandusky Central Catholic

- Vanguard Tech Center

- Vermiion 

- Willard

These districts have announced a 2-hour delay to the start of classes Tuesday. 

- Fremont public and parocial

Halloween activities have also been postponed around the area. For a list click HERE. Have a cancellation that should be added to the list? Email news@sanduskyregister.com.


Dude i Roc

Many dead ash trees and windy weather could prove hazardous for children walking to and from school tomorrow.

2cents's picture

I know CEI has been cutting them down. I just split free wood for two days with a friend, nice ash : )

Phil Packer

Dynamite ash.


Yeah,, will SCS cancel? the weather outside is bad


Don't hold your breath...they BARELY close when we have ice and snow storms lol


Yeah,, will SCS cancel? the weather outside is bad


In my opinion...I think all school districts should have cancelled schools for tomorrow by now.....It is not going to get any better outside...just in my yard alone i have everyones branches from their trees,...If they don't close the schools, I will not let my children get on the bus...It is stupid!!


Parents need to call the school board office and complain if they don't close....I wouldn't let my kids stand out in this weather either.....school board number is 419-626-6940




We have "snow day", time to make a new "wind day".

Trees can also bring wires down, double the risk..........

The Don

I don't think I'll be sending my daughter to school tomorrow! Not worth taking a risk! Especially if it just gonna get worse!


Ohio is under a state of EMERGECY,
Well Both,
but Ohio is under a State of Emergency for the first time since the Blizzard of 1978, It wont get any time soon,

This new supertendent needs to quit watching the Browns game and focus on his district, I mean come on,


Really hoping Huron cancels. It's insane here!


It sure is!! I'm surprised we still have power. I can't imagine sending my kids to school in this.


Agreed! I'm going to be cranky as he*l when my phone rings at 6am to tell me my kids have no school.


2 schools on 2 hour delays! Come on...get real!!


Never mind what the schools say, it's your child, keep them home!


I agree with (reading signs). You're the parent, if you think it's too bad for your child to go to school then keep them home.


If you live in Perkins expect that call at 5:45am. Then try to get back to sleep before you go to work. Why not just cancel now.


It is really terrible out there. It's hard to believe these high winds are suppose to continue thru Tuesday late afternoon. Wind was at 45 mph and then gust much higher around 7 PM. For my part of am done with these winds and constant rain.....its getting very boring now. The way the weather is out there its like we were in a hurricane.....we are 600 miles from the ocean its not suppose to be like this. Amazing....can hardly wait to see what suprises winter has for us. I pray this is over soon.


Well...if schools on, at the very least, I'll drop them off myself...not gonna take the chance of a bus being torn in half while my children ride.


Channel 19 website has Norwalk and Vermilion schools closed Tuesday. Why doesn't Reflector or Register?


According to wcpz, Huron, Sandusky, Edison, Norwalk, Margaretta, Perkins, ehove, Bellevue, Firelands and Perkins are all closed, as of 5:42am.


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County Building....Milan Road? Really? I was just there the other day, and I could swear it was on Columbus Ave. :)