Local officials brace for worst-case storm senario

Sandy could bring 16-20 foot waves and 60-70 mph gusts to the area, according the National Weather Service. (With video of local wave action)
Sandusky Register Staff
Oct 29, 2012


Erie County officials discussed possible storm outcomes with the National Weather Service on Monday morning.

(Click HERE to see a map of local power outages.)

Hurricane Sandy is predicted to blast through the area starting late this afternoon through Tuesday evening. Sustained winds could reach 40 mph, with gusts of 60-70 mph.

Trees and utility lines are likely to be knocked down. Roof and other structural damage could also occur. Residents are advised to secure any loose objects in their yards or around their homes.

Low-lying areas in Huron and Vermilion are the most likely to have significant flooding in Erie County. The storm is expected to bring lake levels up to three feet above normal, compounded by waves 16-20 feet high.

Emergency officials have pre-designated shelters for residents whose homes may be significantly damaged or flooded.

The peak winds are expected after dark, reducing visibilty and creating driving hazards. Residents are encouraged to stay off the road.

Call local law enforcement or the sheriff's department if you have significant flooding in your area or if you see downed utility lines.

Check back for updates as they become available, and pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register for more on the local effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Check out the video to the right (and photos HERE) to see waves kicking up along the lakeshore on Monday morning.




One thing you can bank on.........
Homeowners insurance rates are going up to cover the loss..........


Another thing you can bank on. I'm adhering to all the advice and warnings.


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Always enjoy Mr. Werling's photography. Good film of Sandusky Bay, Jackson St. Pier etc.