Port Clinton man indicted for child endangering

“(The infant) is a three-month-old male who had injuries from severe physical abuse including blows to the head and abdominal blows”
Alex Green
Mar 6, 2014


A Port Clinton man was indicted last week for allegedly harming his 3-month-old son.

Chad Newman, 30, of the 1100 block of Fremont Ave., was indicted Feb. 27 on three counts of child endangering and one count each of felonious assault and domestic violence.

In December, St. Vincent’s Mercy Children’s Hospital treated a 3-month-old boy who suffered a skull fracture, Port Clinton police said.

The mother said the infant was in a chair that fell from a mattress onto a carpeted floor, but medical staff grew suspicious when they discovered injuries inconsistent with her story, according to information St. Vincent Dr. Heather Meade provided to police.

Meade observed internal bleeding on the infant’s brain and swelling of the tissue over the fracture, police said.

The mother then said Newman had mainly been responsible for the child’s care. She told police that one night close to the time of the alleged incident, Newman checked on the infant multiple times when the infant cried out, police said. Newman then asked the mother to check on the infant after he cried later in the night, and she described the infant as appearing pale.

When the infant was taken to the hospital the next day, Newman did not attend, police said. He told his wife he got a job in Indiana and needed to travel there immediately, but police said they later determined the statement was untrue.

Shortly after the alleged incident, Newman told police the infant suffered a fracture by resting his head against a wooden part of his crib, police said.

The explanation was inconsistent with the infant’s injury, police said.

Dr. Randall Schlievert, director of St. Vincent’s child abuse program, investigated and reported: “(The infant) is a three-month-old male who had injuries from severe physical abuse including blows to the head and abdominal blows”

Schlievert also stated the extent of the injuries was inconsistent with stories from the parents.

Because police have been unable to reach Newman since the incident, a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Police suspect he was staying in Toledo and is now staying in Bowling Green.



For a mother to help cover up the truth... Disgusting. I hope that precious child is placed with people who care about the dignity of that baby's life.


Why do women put up with men hurting their children. We see this everyday!


I hope to god they do not let this child back in their hands...his or hers!! And pray they do not reproduce ever again....I am so sick of seeing this crap almost daily.


And then the coward has to hide??? I can't even read the entire article it just makes me heart sick:(

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Looks like he's been caught already.

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• Chad Newman, 30, Toledo, was arrested on warrants from Ottawa County Common Pleas Court for charges of felonious assault, two counts of endangering children and a misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. A grand jury indicted Newman on the charges last week, and authorities were searching for him. He is charged with hurting an infant last year at a Port Clinton apartment. He his being held without bail in the Ottawa County Detention Facility.


I'm praying the mother didn't know that the abuse was happening, rather than her covering up for the P-O-S.


Sick sob